Copy Existing PC hard drive to external

  raysophie 14:58 05 Mar 2008

I have just purchased a 500g external hard drive which connets to my PC by USB2 cable. I would like to copy the WHOLE of my PC hard drive to this, so if the PC HD dies I will have a ready backup, is this possible?
Also if I copy/backup files will it overwrite files already on external HD

  [email protected] 15:02 05 Mar 2008

acronis true image will do the job,or if the drive is seagate or maxtor,there are free acronis versions.
click here

  Diemmess 15:25 05 Mar 2008

~~~~~~~~~[so if the PC HD dies I will have a ready backup, is this possible?]~~~~~~~~~

If you copy the conventional way to your new drive, you would be able to use the data on the copy but ..... NO to .... a running system.

*Raven*'s method using Acronis works fine because this stores in compressed form all the proper registry entries and installed Applications.

Your aim to have a ready made, backed up, drive would be served if this special backup file is stored on your new Ext. HD where it can be kept up to date by incremental backups.

Then if you need to Restore this backup to the existing older HD you can do so from this safe clone, and YES it will overwrite everything on the target drive, but that is what you want if your working drive has become unusable or even itself needs replacement with a new one.

Backing up (with Acronis)can be saved to your Ext.HD without overwriting any file it just stays there as one big file among other stuff you might keep.

  raysophie 15:29 05 Mar 2008

THe only free verion I can find on acronis is a 15 day free trial, is this what you meant, if so what happens after 15 days?

  Diemmess 15:44 05 Mar 2008

Sorry I meant the full thing! click here
I use version 10 but if you are thinking of Vista then v 11 is the one you need.

  [email protected] 15:46 05 Mar 2008

Sorry for confusion,I meant if your external drive is seagate or maxtor,the following are free and capable of cloning your drive as they are powered by acronis.
Although they can clone and restore your drive they dont have the same functionality of true image.
click here
click here

True image is the fully functional back up software so after 15 days you need to pay.

  Stuartli 16:15 05 Mar 2008

Karen Kenworthy's freeware offerings are well respected. See her backup program:

click here

  Stuartli 16:17 05 Mar 2008

My Seagate OneTouch 400GB external USB hard drive included BounceBack for backup purposes - once a full backup has been made it will undertake incremental backups as the "one" touch of a button.

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