Copy an e-mail contact list to someone else

  Trikie 23:53 16 Aug 2010

As secretary of a club with 400+ members I use 4 contact lists to send information to the 316 who are on e-mail. I use 4 lists as Outlook Express seems to have a limit around 100 for a contact group. My address book has around 1,000 entries.

Is there any way that I can pass a copy of these lists to my successor?

  lotvic 01:02 17 Aug 2010

I would suggest saving them as .csv files (Comma Separated Values)see 2nd link
How-to click here click here

  Belatucadrus 01:27 17 Aug 2010

Not so much an answer as lotvic seems to have covered it pretty well, but a freebie that may be of interest click here Direct mail Robot 1.5, unfortunately the free version is limited to 300 contacts, just shy of the 316.

  Trikie 09:20 17 Aug 2010

Thanks -belt and braces -i'll try both ( no big job manually passing on the odd 16 - assuming the recipient can copy the 300 into his address book)

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