Copy DVDs.

  curlylad 20:13 24 Feb 2006

I wish to copy some shop purchased DVD films I have been bought for Chrimbo.
This , I must stress is purely for legal reasons as my nephews and nieces delight in throwing around , dribbling on , and using as dinner plates my prized films and I wish to keep the original packed away and use the copy.
I have Nero6 including Nero Power Pack but when I try to copy the films it says that it cannot copy or failed to copy as the media was copyrighted or encrypted.How do I copy them then , can someone explain or give me links to an easy to follow tutorial ?

Thanks in advance for all help !

  VoG II 20:15 24 Feb 2006

You can't - at least not legally. We've had these discussions before - unfortunately (in my opinion) one does not have an automatic right to make a backup copy of a copyrighted work.

  curlylad 20:18 24 Feb 2006

Oh , I was under the impression that if you were to make a copy of the original that you owned and was still in possesion of and the copy was for your own use then it was OK , but I stand corrected then .

Oh well , I'll just have to hide them away unless anyone else can enlighten us with absolute legalities.

  jimv7 20:22 24 Feb 2006

DVDshrink click here

  Big Elf 20:23 24 Feb 2006

I use DVD Decrypter click here which is sadly no longer being developed to backup my DVD's

I also use DVD Shrink to cut them down to size on normal DVD's click here

  jakimo 20:23 24 Feb 2006
  jimv7 20:24 24 Feb 2006

Ignore the first link, try this link

click here

  wbiggchiefy 00:17 25 Feb 2006

I found DVD Copy (free to try) works perfectly - so do many other applications - dvd shrink works sometimes but dont find it totally reliable - any dvd is still apparently available but will cost you - depends if u are willing to spend.

  WhiteTruckMan 01:49 25 Feb 2006

Depends on how much money you want to spend.

click here

Anyone ever wonder where all those dodgy dvds on market stalls come from? you dont REALLY think they were knocked out on a PC do you?

(there is certain kit that IMHO should not be on sale to the public without showing a good reason, and this is one of them)


  wbiggchiefy 02:19 25 Feb 2006

Yes but it is available to the public with a bit of know-how

I'm just narked that if the software exists that it is still not legal - for me anything is fairgame and if u want to hack away any protection - so be it - the film companies make enough don't they?

  €dstowe 09:41 25 Feb 2006

I use equipment similar to that shown by WhiteTruckMan for quite legitimate purposes. The disc duplicator is just that - it will not circumvent copy protection of commercial disks, even with the software supplied.

Copy protection must be removed by other means before the duplicator can be put to work and it is this removal software that should be scrutinised, not the hardware.

It still remains true, though, that current copy proection methods are pretty much useless in preventing commercial disks being duplicated - if you know how to do it.

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