copy dvd onto pc.

  mickeyfinagin 13:39 06 Nov 2008

Im sorry if this question has been asked before.

I want to copy my dvd's to my pc so that i have a spare copy incase the origional gets damaged.
Could anyone recommend a free easy to use programme to do this.
I may also want to convert them to mp4 to play on my psp in the future.

Any feed bacck or links would be grat.
Thanks as always

  audeal 13:50 06 Nov 2008

mickeyfinagin: I feel that you would be more inclined to loose any coppies on your PC than on your DVD's.

I think the best course of action would be to copy the DVD's onto another DVD so you have a spare copy. You can then put them away for safe keeping.

This would, of course cost the price of the blank DVD's but you can be sure that you would have protected your precious DVD's

  mickeyfinagin 14:01 06 Nov 2008

thanks Audeal for your responce, I don't think i explained my question very well.
In the past I have copied from Dvd-dvd, I always found that if the dvd disk was not 100% scratch free if would quite often cause issues with the copy.
When I said i wanted to copy to my pc, I meant to my external hard drive as well so that i had several options.
One spare dvd, one copy on Hd, one copy on external HD
I have used DvDFab in the past but is an old copy , and i dont know if it wiil copy new Dvd's.

  audeal 14:26 06 Nov 2008

mickeyfinagin: I can offer you one more option for storage, that is to copy your files onto an "SD" Card. They are small and easy to store away in safety.

The main thing is to store them off the computer away from Viruses and othere nasties, and of course, Scratches!

  Stuartli 14:34 06 Nov 2008

A DVD holds a very large amount of information and you would need a Secure Digital card of 4GB or more for each DVD - not a cheap exercise.

Moreover, stating that: "..They are small and easy to store away in safety" may be correct in principle but, like flash drives, they are very easy to lose or mislay compared to a DVD.

  mickeyfinagin 16:20 06 Nov 2008

thanks for all the replys.

I will copy the dvd's to another dvd.
But i would still like to have a seperate back up on my external hard drive, the more back ups the better i think..

Any ideas on a free, easy to use program to put the dvd's onto my external hard drive.

  Stuartli 16:32 06 Nov 2008

Karen Kenworthy's Replicator is freeware from a well respected source:

click here

You can backup just what is required.

But if you have an external drive you presumably got some backup software with it?

  AL47 18:17 06 Nov 2008


i copy dvds to hard drive, and they only take up about 1.5-2.2gb

that size represents 160kbps audio, in 5.1, full screen 720x576 resolution with no loss of quality, [any smaller in mp4 and i can see it]

FYI, i run these on my laptops 1920x1200 screen and they look the same as the dvd from disc

wit files of this size i can fit say, just under 200 films on with space for music and progrms etc

if ur still interested i can offer some info

  mickeyfinagin 11:25 07 Nov 2008

Hi AL47
I would be very interested in some more ifnfo.

  cindylili 10:53 01 Aug 2009

You can use a DVD Copy tool to copy your DVD onto PC.

I often use <a href="click here">Wondershare DVD Copy</a> to get it done,which supports DVD–5 and DVD–9; DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL, DVD-RAM.

You can rip the DVD to other video with <a href="click here">Aimersoft DVD Converter</a>.

  Terminus90 11:22 01 Aug 2009

Do you realise that you will be in breach of copyright if you implement the advice of cindylili.

And cindylili you are wrong for giving your advice. This forum is for helping users with pc problems, not helping with copyright infringement!

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