Copy data

  mak2 18:55 17 Nov 2006

Hi I need to copy about 30GB fo data from one drive to another, what's the best way without the drive stopping on certain files.

I've heard of stream copy where the whole content is copied including hidden files.

Can anyone point me in the right direction.


  Iron Maiden 21:31 17 Nov 2006

Why would your drive stop on certain files ?
Just copy it as you would anything else. At work i constantly move 100's of GB around from one drive to another even to drives on other pc's & Nas drives.
never had any problems

  lotvic 21:58 17 Nov 2006

what method do you use?

  mak2 23:09 17 Nov 2006

I'm dragging it from one drive to another in explorer. There are several users storing data under their logons. The process stops with access denied. I wanted to basically copy the whole content of the drive, the quickest way possible without affecting the layout. I thought there was a command in dos prompt that would allow me to do that.


  Iron Maiden 19:55 18 Nov 2006

The dos command you are after is xcopy,at cmd prompt type. XCOPY source destination /C/E/H/K/O/S

If you are in root dir of what you want to copy its easier, but you can do it from any where so long as you enter the full path.
for example in the root of documents & settings "C:\Documents and settings>" type the following
make sure the destination directory exist

xcopy *.* d:\Test /C/E/H/K/O/S

This will copy everything from documents & settings to D:\Test & will ignore errors. expect 30gb to take a good hour or more. There will allways be errors but the /C switch suppress this the errors are caused because you are trying to copy files like ntuser.dat which is not allowed

to see what switches mean type XCOPY /?

  mak2 17:23 19 Nov 2006

Many thanks Iron Maiden

This was it.

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