Copy (Ctrl + C) Problem

  dds115 07:14 03 Jul 2005

For the past few weeks, whenever I go to "Edit, Copy" or hit Ctrl + C, my computer says "This program has performed an illegal opperations" yada yada yada. Does anyone know anything that will fix this? I haven't installed anything new and have run adaware, spybot, and nortons. Thanks guys (and gals).


  Diodorus Siculus 07:33 03 Jul 2005

What operating system do you use?

If xp:



sfc /scannow

IF Win98




For both you will need the CD in the drive.

  Taff36 08:10 03 Jul 2005

I always use the CTRL + Insert key combination to copy and the Shift + Insert key to paste - Easier because its a right hand thumb and index finger operation for both on a standard keyboard.

Does that work? (sfc scannow is the long term solution though)

  dds115 03:17 04 Jul 2005

I am running Win 98. sfc didn't fix it. I tried the whole "Ctrl Insert" and stuff and that game me the same error. Thanks for the advice, anyone else have anything that might work?

  Stuartli 09:15 04 Jul 2005

One possibility. Start>Settings>Control Panel>Internet Options>Security tab>Customise>Misc and then check that Cut and Paste is enabled.

A downloadable file which is supposed to fix the problem:

click here (listed at click here)

But if nothing works then these may help:

click here(L)-transfer-1201.html

click here

  Terry Brown 11:58 04 Jul 2005

If all else fails, insert the win98 CD and re-install over the top of the original. This wil repair all your settings, however any email or Favorites will be lost unless you save them to a folder (create a folder-- go to your email program highlight the files you want to keep and drag to the new folder. the email will be saved as subject line.eml

  dds115 23:06 04 Jul 2005

That registery file fixed the problem, thank you all very much!

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