Copy a CD With ImgBurn

  David4637 19:12 19 Mar 2011

I am trying to copy a CD (not copyright) with ImgBurn.
It is reading the CD and creating an ISO file, is this right. Can I create a data type copy rather than an ISO.
I then write the ISO to a blank CD but it does not work?
A simple guide to follow or your help would be appreciated?
Thanks David

  Bapou 22:40 19 Mar 2011

Better to use a program such as Ashampoo Burning Studio, click here to actually copy from one disc to another and it's free to use.

At least this way the procedure is a straight forward copy disc to disc without creating files to your computer first as ImgBurn needs to do.

Ashampoo Burning Studio will also create your ISO's for storage and copy back should you require this feature.

  Strawballs 22:44 19 Mar 2011

Now you have created the iso file what OS and what other burning software do you have?

  Strawballs 22:48 19 Mar 2011

I use Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 (free) to burn iso files to disc. click here

  eedcam 23:15 19 Mar 2011

Imgburn is excellent for doing this.With imgburn choose create image file from disc it will create an Image.Bin and Image .cue file then just choose write and choose the cue file .Note if you just go to recent files then the Cue file will be there .If you go later and choose the bin file Imgburn will correct you and choose the cue file .

  Sea Urchin 11:17 20 Mar 2011

l24's link is the way to go - a good detailed description

  David4637 13:58 20 Mar 2011

Thanks everyone for your help, will report back.
Thanks again David

  David4637 20:20 21 Mar 2011

The problem I had was with a number of old CD RW's that did not write fully - hence the copy would not work.
So ImgBurn does work, albeit you have to store the image which is only an *.iso on the PC.
Is this the only copy you can make. They did mention a cue/mds file in the instructions, is this worth persuing, but I could not find how to create one - any ideas??
Thanks David

  eedcam 22:22 21 Mar 2011

Are these audio cd's as that is what I was referring to with imgburn .

  David4637 16:54 23 Mar 2011

1.I tried some new CDs and imgburn worked OK on copying audio CDS.
2. Yes they are audio CDs. Do you mean you can not copy non audio CDs with image burn?
3. What is cue/mds files all about?
Thanks David

  eedcam 18:56 23 Mar 2011

David yes you can copy non audio cd's ie data ones just the same create image file from disc it will make an Iso then write image file to disc . Cue and Mds are a formof instruction this explains it a wee bit . As long as Imgburn sees it as an audio cd as in a commercial one not mp3 it shouild do the bin and cue by default .an mp3 it would just make an iso

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