copied c.d.'s won't play on hi-fi

  pinnicat 10:06 01 Jul 2004

In both Nero and Roxio, my pc has decided to create music c.d's that won't play on general hi-fi's. They just aren't recognised, but will run fine on the pc itself. any ideas.
running XP

  anniel 10:14 01 Jul 2004

I had this problem when I tried to play some burned CDs. I had used some very cheap CDRs on a spindle and when I burned some of my CDs into compilations, they would not play on my Hi Fi.

I went out and bought some Sony Audio CDrs and they worked OK.

I use Nero5.5 BTW.

  pinnicat 10:22 01 Jul 2004

I'm using MAXELL so would expect better..and why on pc but not hi-fi? I recently installed Nero and flick between that and ROXIO which is my default copier.One of my cd players is trying to play discs but with huge drop-outs. and everything was fine before the Nero insatllation.
i have to untick Roxio to use Nero on start-up menu, to stop burn engine conflict, but that should'nt change anything should it?

  SirGalahad2004 10:39 01 Jul 2004

could be that you hi fi don't recognise that brand of cdr's .. try anther bran and see how they work

  g40 10:42 01 Jul 2004

Maybe it will play CD R's but not RW's, that is the case with my stereo.

  leo49 13:08 01 Jul 2004

You are finalising the discs, aren't you?

  pinnicat 13:35 01 Jul 2004

Some interesting points...i'll check thr discs i've made on someones elses system , but with four hi-fi in the house , not sure..will the disc still play on pc unfina;lised?..I'll have an hour messing and talk later...cheers for now.

  pinnicat 14:05 01 Jul 2004

ok...cutting out all my add on progs, i went through my pc into D-drive, right clicked and sent track list to E-drive. The wizard then denies me "asking for a re-writable disc..these arecdr's..what's the diff? and is that the prob. dphoto copying has been fine on tyhem?

  TBH1 14:59 01 Jul 2004

you are creating them as audio files and not data files aren't you ?

  Timmy!! 15:37 01 Jul 2004

It sounds like you're writing them as data files. Try ripping them as mp3's or wma's in Win Media Player 9 and then use the same program to write them back to cd.


The age of your Hi-Fi will also be a factor, older lenses (and cheaper ones in the meantime) just don't read cdrs or cdrws. They're written differently to commercial disks -> In basic terms on shop bought cds the data is physically etched into the surface (v clear) and in CDR's the drive melts(burns) the data onto a chemical layer in the disk.

As well as brand, the colour of the cds has an effect on playability. Black or Gold write sided CDR(W)s seem to be the most sucessful due to their high reflectiveness making it easier for the older lens to read.

Also try writing the disc at a slower speed (max x8) as this writes a 'clearer' image on the disc.

  pinnicat 16:32 01 Jul 2004

I will play about with these ideas and let you all know the outcome....regards..mik

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