Copied Cds And The Law

  t_o_m 22:26 29 Apr 2003

I was just wondering about the laws on copied cds. As far as I know, it is legal to copy a cd for your own personal use and to copy an audio/data cd and sell it to other people is illegal but I do not know if it is illegal to let a friend use a copied cd without them paying me beforehand. Could somebody please clarify this and correct me if I am wrong.


  monkeyshine 22:34 29 Apr 2003

To take money for any copied copyright work is 'agin the law'.

  fly2hi 23:09 29 Apr 2003

If you copy it and throw it in the is still illegal. You just may get a shorter sentence for good behaviour.

  DieSse 23:38 29 Apr 2003

Copying and distribution of copyright material - whether or not you take money for it - is totally illegal and clearly dishonest.

Copying for ones own personal use is a grey area - even if it is illegal, you would probably not be sanctioned for it, even if you were caught.

  MartinT-B 11:59 30 Apr 2003

There used to be a fee factored into the cost of a blank cassette which was paid to BPI (British Phonographioc Industry). This fee is in 'leiu of royalties lost' through home copying.

To be honest, I don't know if that is still the case, but in those days the record industry was more prosaic and realised that you could never stop people making copies.

I don't know if they managed to negotiate a fee for blank Audio CDs. They couldn't get one for normal blank CDs as most are used for data, not music.

  Peverelli 19:46 30 Apr 2003

To quote the FE in another thread (if that's OK):

"... under the current copyright laws you do NOT have the "right" to make a copy of a Music or software CD which you have legally purchased - even if it is only for your own use. You may well find that the copyright owners turn a blind eye to such practices, but that's a dispensation, which is entirely different from a right ..........."

  kane_2002k 19:53 30 Apr 2003

it isn't legal to distribute it

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:43 30 Apr 2003

'it is legal to make a backup copy of games, etc.'.........this is US law and does not apply in the UK or Europe. ;-))


  DieSse 22:04 30 Apr 2003

What is often forgotten is that the rights you have are the rights (or lack of them) that are granted by the copuright holder.

For instance, you may have a right to make a backup if the copyright holder grants you that right (and some do). You may even (as with some freeware and shareware) have the right to make unrestricted numbers of copies, and distribute them - if the copyright holder grants you that right.

In the absence of any specific rights grants, then the making of copies is not legal - but as has been stated ad nauseam, if you do it for your own private use, you are unlikely to be sanctioned (or even discovered1).

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