User-5F8D69BB-1E64-44F4-862FDEC4EC0E264F 10:37 05 Feb 2005

Advice required. System - Abit Guru AN7 board Athalon 2600, Asus radeon 9250, 512Mb DDR400. System is clearly running hot and has shut down a few times. The graphics card has no fan only h/sink.
Other fans are CPU, PSU, Northbridge. Quiet solution please. 1 fan blowing in or 1 sucking out or both?
? fan for graphics card.

  Storik 10:51 05 Feb 2005

but I'm a fan of cooling fans. Have two, blowing cold air from the front of the case, and one large fan sucking out the heated air at the rear. As well as these, my PSU has two fans, one sucking the heated air above the CPU and the other presumably sucking the air out of the case.

The ideal cooling system blows cooling air across the motherboard with extracter fans a the rear. (I think!) My present CPU temp is 37C and motherboard temp 22C.

Hope this helps.


PS Have a very large heatsink & fan on the CPU

  Jeffers22 10:54 05 Feb 2005

I would suggest one fan sucking in from the front and another opposite it at the rear sucking out. If you fit rheostats to the fan cables you can turn the speed down a touch and make a huge difference to the noise level while still blowing cooler air in and over the components. Take a look at quietpc they are a tenner each but for mine it is worth it! click here

  €dstowe 10:58 05 Feb 2005

There is a lot more to computer cooling than stuffing a load of fans in the case.

The AMD website, I remember, gives a good article on achieving the best airflow for the most efficient cooling. I'm sure there are others.

  Storik 11:02 05 Feb 2005

I know, I know! Just have a horror of the smell of burning plastic or rubber. lol


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