Cooling the hard drive?

  zincy 19:31 02 Sep 2005

Hey all
I was wondering how should i make my hard drive cooler? At the moment they both stack on top of each another which is not good and i was wondering if there was anything i can do about it? i cannot use any of the 5.25 bays as mine is all used and the fans i been looking at seems too big? any suggesions?
I'm asking as i got a disk failure of my seagate 7,200 160 gigs hd, and now i got 2 200gigs hard dirve i will need to cool them down
many thanks

  Forum Editor 19:46 02 Sep 2005

the conventional way to cool computer components is to move air over and/or through them. In ideal circumstances a pair of drives will have an airgap between them - the cases shouldn't be touching, or so close to one another that air can't circulate freely.

Once that's sorted out, the priority is to move air through the case - normally from front to back, and exhaust it to the room in which the computer is situated. The greater the volume of air that moves across the drive cases, the greater the cooling effect will be, so a big fan is helpful. The important thing - and one that a lot of people overlook - is that it's no earthly good having a huge fan sucking air in at the front of a case if there is nowhere for the warmed air to go after it's done its job. Thing about intake and exhaust as being parts of the same equation - one won't work properly without the other. You can have one fan doing both jobs of course, and that's what happens in a normal Power Supply Unit - the fan pulls air into the case via perforations or vents in the sides and front, and exhausts it through a grille at the back. This isn't enough for things like CPUs, so they normally have their own small fan mounted on top of a heatsink. This pulls air through the fins of the heatsink, and disperses it into the case - along with its warmth. That's why it's so important to get warm air from inside the case out into the atmosphere as rapidly as possible.

  woodchip 19:52 02 Sep 2005

Have thought about making your own Bracket to fit in the bottom of the PC. just look at all that waste space. If it was a cupboard what would you do?????

  jack 20:00 02 Sep 2005

How are the side Panels of your Case?
Most ATX type have a pattern of holes.
Even the back of my case has a fan mount next to the PSU. so an exhaust fan [IE it sucks out] fixed to either of those locations will do the job.
As FE says creating the flow is the thing- where it is located is not that important.

  Chegs ® 20:23 02 Sep 2005

Have a look here,all manner of cooling devices(CPU/HD's/Case,etc)
click here

  zincy 21:22 02 Sep 2005

FE - thank you for the detailed answer..
Woodchip - thats a great idea!! i never thought of that! hehe
Jack - Yes my medion computer has a side vent
I thought of getting fans.. but i dont have any spare power sockects left in my computer.. will this be a problem? and my PSU is only 250W could this have lead to my hard disk failure before?

  woodchip 21:46 02 Sep 2005

I have two Medions Desktop and Laptop the Desktop as I kind of tumpet to the CPU fan for direct cooling. If i was you I would put it in the bottom front of computer on a home made bracket

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