Ginge1980 19:48 01 Dec 2006

Hi all,
A question about cooling heatsink...
I'm wanting to make by computer a bit quieter and presume I can maybe upgrade the fans/heatsink to do this.
The CPU is an AMD 64 4400+
Graphics card is a PCi Nividia GeForce 6600GT (Overclocked)
presuming these are the fans causing the noise, there is a supply fan to the casing which I only turn up when the computer is being used heavily (Gaming), so doesn't cause much noise.
Can anyone recommend any upgrades?

  gudgulf 20:17 01 Dec 2006

You could do worse than looking at click here

There are plenty of articles about how to silence your pc on the site too.

  freaky 20:37 01 Dec 2006

Before you consider replacing some/all of the fans because of might be worth checking the fans because: -

a) The blades attract dust/dirt which sticks to the blades.

b) These deposits cause the blades to go out of balance hence the noise.

c) Another cause is dry bearings. On some you can remove a small sticker on the bearing housing, then put a drop of oil in.

There are fans in: -

1) PSU
2) Case fan
3) CPU
4) Chip fan
5) GeForce 6600GT

Try running the PC with the system case sides removed, and try to identify which fans are the cause.

Another way is put the case on the floor.

  vinnyT 11:47 02 Dec 2006

For you r cpu hsf, you can't do much better than the artic cooling freezer 64 £13.50 Inc VAT (click here). This cooler has been shown to outperform some water cooling systems (for both noise and heat reduction).

If you wanted to change your gpu hsf as well, then the Zalman VF700-CU £18.20 Inc VAT (click here), is your best bet. Be sure to check that your card is supported via the link on the above page.

You can get the above products from many stores, it's just that I use and trust scan so have linked to them.

Hope this helps.

  Clepto Pope 12:37 03 Dec 2006

Good advice above, also treat yourself to a can of "dust off" its around a tenner and spray the fans and the bearings with this stuff. you will be amazed how much crap is removed!

I did this and noticed an improment in sound instantly... as dust kills FACT!

  Totally-braindead 12:40 03 Dec 2006

I've had a few Northbridge chipset fans fail and now when they do I replace it with a Zalman Passive heatsink - no fan no noise.
Regarding the other fans the other advice and links the others have provided should help you out.

  freaky 13:51 03 Dec 2006

I have an older PC which has a AMD Athlon 1.4GHZ CPU with a Gigabyte GA-7DXR MOB.

On the box that contained the MOB it states: -

AMD 761/ VIA 686B
Socket A FSB 200/266 CPU.

I want to replace the CPU and Chipset Fans with something quieter and better. I am having problems locating and identifying anything suitable....would appreciate some help.

Many thanks.

  Ginge1980 15:27 04 Dec 2006

Cheers all,
initially took freaky's advice and gave everything a good dusting - could,'t believe the amount of s#*t in there!
It has helped a bit but think has alot to do with the fan speeds being reduced due to the efficiency as the air can actually flow across the heat sinks now the dust has gone!!
Just by cleaning the internal case temperature has dropped by 6 deg. C when the computer is idle, I was surprised at this.
Next - a new cpu fan!
Cheers once again.

  citadel 19:25 04 Dec 2006

If you put your pc case on a trolley so it it a few feet off the ground it stays cleaner.

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