Cookies and PC Advisor

  oldbeefer2 11:04 22 Aug 2004

I like to keep the Internet Privacy option on medium to "restrict 1st party cookies without implicit consent". How do I give this consent so I can avoid having to type in my details every time I want to log on. Beware - I'm a bit of a Muppet with computers!

  rawprawn 11:46 22 Aug 2004

Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean, by having to type your details every time you log on. Do you mean when you go on the net ? what is it that asks you for these details and what details does it ask for?

  rawprawn 11:51 22 Aug 2004

It has just hit me I must be asleep this morning, you mean when you log in to PC Advisor. Just put a tick in the little box at the side of your nickname "Remember me"

  rawprawn 11:53 22 Aug 2004

Again for it to remember you you have to accept and keep the cookie on your computer. If you are wiping your internet tracks and clearing your cookies you will have to configure the program you are using to keep PCA cookie

  oldbeefer2 11:55 22 Aug 2004

The box is ticked, but when I open PC Ad the next time, the fields are empty again.

  oldbeefer2 11:57 22 Aug 2004

I have put PC Ad as an "always allow" cookie in the edit section of the IE6 Privacy page

  oldbeefer2 13:06 22 Aug 2004

Yup, I've got an internet cleaner - now managed to convince it to leave PC Ad alone ! Thanks

  Stuartli 13:07 22 Aug 2004

If you go to IE's Tools>Options>Privacy tab>Advanced button you can alter the cookies configuration.

Apart from allowing PC Advisor as you have from the Edit button, if you set First Party Cookies to Allow and Third Party to Block or Prompt (plus allow Sessions Cookies), you can control what cookies, if any, are stored on your system.

A menu will come up and ask if you wish to block/allow or permanently block cookies from individual websites.

It also adds the useful benefit that utilities such as Ad-awareSE and S and D 1.3 have very much less work to do when you perform a scan.

PC Advisor's website states that First and Third Party cookies must be enabled, but your earlier action should still allow access.

  Stuartli 13:10 22 Aug 2004

If you completely block cookies you may have problems if filling in field forms on websites, such as when ordering goods from online retailers.

Most cookies are harmless - it's keeping out the rest that causes the problems..:-)

  smokingbeagle 13:29 22 Aug 2004

Go to tool / options /content /auto complete. Won't work if you use an internet cleaner.

  oldbeefer2 15:06 22 Aug 2004

good advice from all - thanks.

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