Cookies Delete or Keep

  DerekJJBrooks 09:43 17 Jan 2005

Following my comments reguarding Spybot/Ad-aware, I see and know I have a file with some 600+ cookies.

I have always kept them thinking it was holding details like my user name/password etc so I could access various webpages/websites.

I am incorrect in my assumption, and if so, should I keep any?


  recap 09:52 17 Jan 2005

You are correct that cookies do hold your username & password, but you do not have to keep the cookies. If you delete all your cookies, the next time you go to log in to say PCA you will have to re-type your username.

Deleting cookies will not stop you from accessing any Internet sites.

It is safe to delete all cookies and Temp Internet files. If you are on dial-up then it is a good policy to delete these as it will help with the speed of your connection.

  Carpigiani 09:52 17 Jan 2005

Have a read here click here

I personally regularly clear out the cookies found by AdAware & Spybot from my system. And sometimes clear out the whole lot.

  georgemac 09:52 17 Jan 2005

I just delete them all - for the few sites that need them they just get created again - same with temporay internet files - I purge them every now and then - ccleaner does it for you I think

  rawprawn 09:53 17 Jan 2005

My suggestion is that you only keep the cookies of sites that are important to you such as your Bank, or sites you visit regularly and want to keep. All the rest can happily be deleted. It doesn't really matter if you delete them all, they will be replaced next time you visit the site.

  Graham ® 09:54 17 Jan 2005

Your choice, really. The cookies that spyware finds are usually hidden, not in the cookie list.

It would be laborious to trawl through the list to delete the ones you don't want, I delete them all and let them build up again. This means I have to enter my details again.

  Stuartli 09:59 17 Jan 2005

...important to you such as your Bank>>

I occasionally have to delete cookies and that includes my financial institutions examples.

However, it has never proved a problem as I always have to enter my username, password and security question each time I log on which are, of course, recognised if correct by the websites' servers.

  DerekJJBrooks 11:51 17 Jan 2005

Thanks Everyone for your suggestions, will clean out.

  Stuartli 16:17 17 Jan 2005

You can work on the basis that any temporary files a day or more old can be safely deleted - in fact you can set Internet Explorer to delete temporary files when you shut down (from the Advanced tab in Tools).

  Buchan 35 20:06 17 Jan 2005

I find that it suits me to delete cookies and temporary files after I`ve had a session on the `net. It does help speed things up a bit,especially when there are something in the order of 1,300 cookies and temp. folders hanging around.

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