Convincing Frontpage that the server is ASP....

  livewire 22:42 24 Feb 2005

I have tried many free ASP hosts, but on everyone FrontPage fails to upload ASP pages cliaming the pages dont use ASP and FrontPage extensions.. But the sites DO.

It is increasingly annoying!! I just feel like im going to explode with madness!

I can understand why FrontPage is refusing to belive the sites arnt ASP capable. I wonder If anyone has any suggestions to tackle an incompetant FrontPage program??


  Forum Editor 23:48 24 Feb 2005

You say that FP doesn't upload your ASP pages when it uploads the rest of your site - is that what's happening? If it is, and you're receiving an error message, can you tell us exactly what it says?

FrontPage extensions must be installed on the server if you expect to use FP's special components, are you sure that these have been installed on your web space by the host? If they haven't, FP will show you an error message when you try to upload.

  Taran 01:29 25 Feb 2005

Most of the free ASP hosts do not support direct publishing from FrontPage.

Some have their own upload script which you absolutely have to use on a file by file basis.

Some give FTP access but comparatively few give publish from FrontPage rights.

If it's bugging you that much, why not invest in a proper hosting account where everything works as expected ?

Claimed and actual support from a host who stands to earn nothing from you are often two very different things...

  livewire 12:40 25 Feb 2005

FrontPage will produce the error the Web host does not have ASP or FronPgae Extensions-- but these are two features the web host supports.

However, If I upload via a standard FTP my site will generate an ASP error at
click here

Is it safe to assume that FrontPage only creates this specific file during publishing? Becuase ths file is not in My Web folder at all. :(

Is FrontPage trying to force me to upload to a location suupporting ASP before it creates the needed file?


  Forum Editor 18:58 25 Feb 2005

but if FrontPage is generating an error message to the effect that the extensions are not installed then they aren't - at least if they are, they aren't configured properly on the server.

As soon as you tell FP to publish to a server it checks to make sure that the necessary server extensions are in place, and it will stop with a screeching of brakes if they aren't. I suggest that you talk to your hosting company.

As Taran says - free hosts don't normally provide FP extensions and surely you would be far better off paying the relatively small amount that it would cost you to host with a 'proper' hosting company. Then you wouldn't have to spend time on this kind of problem.

  livewire 21:08 25 Feb 2005

Thanks for your responses!

I ahve been able to find a free local ASP server program called ALP. This allows me to execute ASP files on my machine with out uploading them.

However, I still get the following error:

Error: 9 Include file not found: C:\Documents and Settings\Dean Parker\Desktop\test\_fp_class\

Why isnt FrontPage making this file??

  Taran 12:08 26 Feb 2005

If all you want is an ASP testing server we can help you with this.

If you want an online ASP web server to do what ti should, we can also help with that.

Which would you like ?

Serving a web from your desktop C:\Documents and Settings\Dean Parker\Desktop\etc,. will not work properly.

A web server, even a local one running on your won PC, needs to have your web files running under the server root properly to work.

I've never used or heard of ALP before, but I'll take a sneaky peaky at it if need be.

Windows 2000 and XP Pro users have Windows IIS available as an optional install component which is a fully fledged, ASP enabled local web server environment. I use it almost daily in my development.

You can get IIS installed into XP Home but it can be a bit flaky from what I've heard and probably breaks more Microsoft End User License Agreement clauses than you can shake a stick at since the files will have to come from a Win2K, XP Pro or Server disk, so it isn't something I'd sugest or recommend.

Go to Google and run this search:

install PWS on XP Home

It will give you loads of information on how to set up PWS (Personal Web Server) which may be downloaded from the Microsoft site. PWS is a local testing server and will suffice for small-scale development but compared to ISS it is very, very limited.

Anyway, without wrangling over why FrontPage is not generating an include file, try arranging a local testing server and using it properly by loading your web files into its root and see what happens. If errors keep throwing up we will move from that point.

  Forum Editor 17:06 26 Feb 2005

isn't a server-side application, it's a tool that enables Internet Explorer (for instance) to execute ASP pages locally. As such it's fine, but frankly I would recommend that you follow Taran's suggestion - install IIS and publish your FP site to the server root. Then you can test the site as it will run on the remote server.

  livewire 22:55 05 Mar 2005

Hi all,

I have been building the site fine now with ASP and will buy a domain providing I can make sure its all actually going to work...

I have a submission form which works.. Yay!
I have a Search Page which works... Yay!
I have a vision to make a login in box... hmmmmm


Is it possible to make a login box which matches a user name and passoword in an access database before showing a certain page?

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