Converting .wps files

  Jonas Berry 20:12 06 Mar 2006

Anyone know how to convert .wps files from MS Works 7 so they can be read in Open Office?

  Sandy110 21:18 06 Mar 2006
  terryf 01:38 07 Mar 2006

Have a look at click here

  Jonas Berry 12:39 07 Mar 2006

Thanks guys but my problem is that I have dumped MS Works 7 as it wasn't working satisfactorily. I may be asking the impossible, but is there any way that .wps files can be read in Open Office? I do not have any MS word processing programs.

  pj123 16:09 07 Mar 2006

Unfortunately, if you no longer have MS Works then it may be impossible. But, maybe not. How many wps files do you have? Are they sensitive/private/personal? If not you could email them to me and I can convert them to .rtf files for you so that they can be read in any Word Processor. email me via the envelope.

  Jonas Berry 16:28 07 Mar 2006

Thanks pj123. The files are rather sensitive and private but you have given me an idea. I'll put them all on a USB memory stick and get my son to convert them on his computer and print them off for me. Some of them should really be in hard copy form. Thanks again for your kind offer.

  pj123 16:52 07 Mar 2006

No problem mate. Just make sure your son resaves them as .rtf (Rich Text Format) for you for future use.

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