converting WMA Format files to WAV Format files

  tesfred 17:43 05 Nov 2005

I have been given a music CD but the CD only plays on my computer not on my CD player. On checking the file format it reads as WMA, my CD player requires the WAV format. Can anyone tell me how to convert the format please?

  JohnC123 17:54 05 Nov 2005

You could try this - it works for me click here

  GaT7 20:58 05 Nov 2005

Like JohnC123, I also use dMC & have a paid-for version of the program, but I think you'll find the WAV format too large to deal with, as it is a very uncompressed format when compared to WMA or MP3. You may struggle to put just 10 WAV format songs on a single CDr.

I don't know if this applicable to your situation, but I'm going to tell you anyway.

From click here, first read this:

"Contrary to the popular misconception, audio CDs do not use WAV as their storage format. The commonality is that both audio CDs and WAV files have the audio data encoded in PCM, but WAV is a data file format for computer use; if you rip an audio CD to WAV files and burn them onto a CD-R as a *data* disc (ISO) and insert it into a player that can handle only audio CDs, the CD will not play."

To put it simply, in order to play the given CD in *your* CD player (& in most other non-PC ones), the disc needs to be burnt as an *audio* CD - NOT *data* CD as was originally appears to be done.

However, because of the *audio* CD (& blank CD) time limitation of about 80min, you may have to burn several *audio* CDs, depending on the number of WMA files that are on the CD given to you. This is because a *data* CD completely filled with WMA (or MP3) files can contain as many as 150-200 songs...

Say each song is an average 4min long:

4 x 200 = 800min.

1 audio CD = 80min

So 800min will fill 10 audio CDs (this is just an approximation & will vary).

To play the WMA-filled CD as it is, you'll will need a CD player that has the inbuilt capability to do so. Many of the newer ones do, more commonly with MP3 playback, but there are ones that will handle WMA as well, e.g., click here, click here & click here. Hope this helps. G

  dasman 19:34 06 Nov 2005

Try this Decembers cover disc, Power2Go4 VCD, it works and it's free.

  bremner 19:40 06 Nov 2005

You do not need to convert.

Using Windows Media Player, Nero or any other burning software just create an Audio CD.

The program automatically converts the file format to that read by CD players.

  bremner 19:42 06 Nov 2005

My posting should have had "As Crossbow7 says" at the start - it mysteriously disappeared!!

  tesfred 18:07 22 Nov 2005

Many thanks to everyone for all their help, problem now resolved.

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