Converting wav to mp3

  Ambasedor 20:34 09 Mar 2008

I have a large amount of recordings done in wav. form. How do I convert them to mp3 so I can put them on an mp3 storage system to play in the car?

I have xp pro as my OS.

  chub_tor 20:38 09 Mar 2008
  Demora 20:50 09 Mar 2008

One of the best and fastest I've found so far is click here

Just install, open programme. open folder with the wav files in and drag to the programm make settings from wav to mp3 and click start.

You can alter the bit rate (I always use 192kbs as I have a 30gig mp3 player and the quality is better.


  Ambasedor 23:18 09 Mar 2008

Hi Demora I clicked your link but did not find mp3 or wav on the site only conversions for video?

  exodus 23:33 09 Mar 2008

Hi, I find CDex to be quite good. click here
Use the 1.51 or 1.7 version.

Just post back if you have problems using it.


  €dstowe 06:30 10 Mar 2008

I use Audacity click here for all audio conversions. It's free but it does (or used to) require a codec for MP3 - this is free as well and all details are given for downloading it.

  john bunyan 08:38 10 Mar 2008

My soundcard - Creative Soundblaster X Fi - has its own convert programme . Not sure if you have a soundcard but if so it may already have what you want.

  Ambasedor 09:01 11 Mar 2008

Hi All. Thanks for your information. I have now found a program that works sounless i have any problems i will try it. I will also check out all your advice for future reference.

Again Thanks

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