Converting VOB/IFO's to AVI

  Sdsnearly 22:50 21 Jun 2006

Im sure there must be someone out there with this problem! Im trying to Edit camcorder footage taken from a SONY DVDcamcorder Model:25E. Whilst I have no trouble downlaoding the disc contents onto my PC, Im having loads of trouble trying to edit it. Im trying to use Adobe premiere 6.0 editing suite and it will not recognise the VOB/IFO files format that the film is written in. Can anyone recommend suitable software to covert the files to either AVI or any other type that Premiere will be able to use?

  woodchip 22:58 21 Jun 2006

This is one of the reasons, why I got a Mini DV tape

  woodchip 23:01 21 Jun 2006
  Sdsnearly 23:04 21 Jun 2006

Six of one and half dozen of the other I reckon. Used to own a Mini DV tape and had all sorts of problems with ripping. Now I can't bloody edit. Very frustrating!

  woodchip 23:16 21 Jun 2006

Mine's a JVC don't seem to have any probs with it so far. Firewire in out, USB in out, Avi in out. S/Video. Can edit on a Video Recorder with it, if need be

  Sdsnearly 23:27 21 Jun 2006

Seems thats the major problem with my model, theres no connection to PC. I have to download disc first. Im new to this but I imagine you can import to an editing suite direct from your camcorder?

  woodchip 23:34 21 Jun 2006

Yes that's how I do it. Got a few Pinnacle Studio 9.4 and others there's also the free XP MovieMaker

  Sdsnearly 23:51 21 Jun 2006

Thanks for the links. There must be summat out there, either that or Im gonna be looking for a new cam and some needle and thread for the hole in my pocket. THanks for the advice tho!

  De Marcus™ 00:03 22 Jun 2006

This is the price you pay for buying a DVD camcorder, the primary .vob format isn't acceptable by all but the most expensive software in hal decent editing terms, in the future this will all change of course but that doesn't help you now. Adobe premiere on the other hand should accept the file format with natively, describe what your doing as you attempt to import the footage and also the version of Premier your using.

  De Marcus™ 00:04 22 Jun 2006

with natively?

ooohh, it's late!

  De Marcus™ 00:05 22 Jun 2006


I give up, off to bed.

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