Converting vinyl to mp3 : Mono not stereo

  ZootHornRollo 10:14 09 Jun 2004

I have just started the pretty massive task of transferring my old vinyl album collection to mp3 via my laptop using the headphone connection on my amp and the microphone socket on the laptop and Audio Cleaning Lab Deluxe 2004 software All seemed to go pretty well but on playback via my laptop the sound is in mono!! Any suggestions on how to get round this?

  TBH1 10:27 09 Jun 2004

should you not be using the 'line-in' for input as opposed to microphone ?

  jack 11:08 09 Jun 2004

Agreed TBH1
'Line in' is the route
Microphons is a single channel line

  Chronos 11:38 09 Jun 2004

argos will flog you a little box of tricks which is made for the job if you have a USB port, made by creative blaster...they work ace..

  Chronos 11:41 09 Jun 2004

and here is the link

click here

  pj123 11:49 09 Jun 2004

Don't forget guys, it's a laptop. Most laptops that I know of don't have "line-in" sockets, and the mic socket is mono but it isn't good enough to cope anyway. The way to go is with Chronos suggestion or use a desktop with a good sound card.

  ZootHornRollo 12:46 09 Jun 2004

pj is right - there's no line-in socket on the laptop so it looks like I'll use my PC which must have somewhere.The only problem is that it's about 10 feet away from the stereo system so it's either an extension lead or a longer RCA cable. Any recommendations as to which is the better option?

  pj123 14:38 09 Jun 2004

OK this is my way. My HiFi system is 26ft away from my computer, so I use good quality cassette tape and record from LP to cassette (quality deterioration is minimal, unless you have Spocks ears). I have a JVC portable radio, cassette player, CD player connected to my computer. Put the cassette in and record from there on to hard disk. I use LP Recorder to record the whole tape as one track and LP Ripper to split back into separate tracks, from click here then use Nero to burn to CD.

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