Converting Vinyl to CD

  Curio 21:02 11 Aug 2004

Have just started converting my LP collection to CD using Terratec Sound Rescue and pre-amp. My first Disc was successfully completed, converted to Mpeg3. The Mpeg plays perfectly as does the CD on the computer, but will not replay on domestic CD Player. Am using bargain priced Memorex Cd Rs from Staples (50 for £19.99) get one free. If any experienced users of the above can give me any pointers to resolve this I would be most grateful.

  Mister Splendid©®™! 21:07 11 Aug 2004

Firstly does your home cd player support mp3 playback? Secondly, did you record the cd at high speed? My cd player is quite old, though of high quality. It will not play mp3s and cannot cope with cdrs recorded at more than 12x speed.

  pj123 21:35 11 Aug 2004

Are you sure you know what you are talking about.

Mpeg is a video format. MP3 is an audio format.

Domestic CD players can't play MP3 format. You would need a DVD player or a dedicated MP3 player to play MP3 files.

  Curio 21:37 11 Aug 2004

I think you may have misread re Mpeg3. Playback was on the computer. To be transferred to a Jukebox Player later on. Will investigate burning CD at a slower speed. It was originally burnt at 16 times.

  Curio 21:42 11 Aug 2004

Do you have to be so blunt? My slip was to quote mpeg 3 instead of MP3 for audio

  Curio 21:52 11 Aug 2004

To explain further. I creaded a CD .wav. This played back on computer but not on Domestic CD Player. I also created from that CD MP3 files for my Jukebox which also played back on Computer. They have not yet been transferred to the Jukebox. Hope that clears that up.

  pj123 21:57 11 Aug 2004

Curio, sorry but I beg to differ. Mpeg3 is completely different from MP3. I stick to my guns and say you cannot play MP3 files on a domestic CD player. You cannot convert an audio LP or Cassette tape to Mpeg3. You can convert it to a .wav file or an MP3 file. To play back on a domestic CD player it would need to be burnt as a CDA file. To play it back as an MP3 file it would need to burnt to CD as Data and then played back on an MP3 player.

  pj123 22:09 11 Aug 2004

Curio, another sorry. I responded before reading your latest post. If you have created a .wav file you need to burn it to CD as an Audio CD. If you are using Nero Burn it will automatically convert it to a .CDA file which will then play on any CD player. But if you want to keep it as an MP3 file it needs to be burnt as Data, but it will only be playable on an MP3 player.

  Wilham 22:32 11 Aug 2004

pj123: I think Curio is right, MP3 is the same as Mpeg3,- short for Motion Pictures Expert Group Audio Layer 3. Audio users shortened it to MP3.
MPEG 1 and 2 were/are video formats.

This may here

  SEASHANTY 00:10 12 Aug 2004

Many of the newer DVD players will play MP3 files - mine state that they do altho haven't tried because
the only MP3 files I have are on the hard disk. Haven't bothered recording any to CDR. Also the CDR
will not play in your domestic CD player if you haven't finalised the disc.

  GRFT 08:37 12 Aug 2004

Great link, Wilham. Always wondered what LOL meant!

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