Converting VHS to DVD

  Devious Dave 12:49 08 Mar 2004

Awhile back I started a project of converting all my VHS tapes onto DVD. I bought a DVD writer and a TV tuner card (PCI). I have around 50 tapes that need converting but I gave up after 2 as it takes a rediculos amount of time to carry out.

The problems I found was that sometimes the video and sound would not syncronize wouldn't find this out untill the tape had finished (1 1/2 hours later). The other problem is the time it takes to render (I think thats the word) the mpeg into DVD. Also if i wanted split the film into chapters that would add about 4 hours longer to render, which is rediclous.

Basically I asking your advice what the best hardware and software to buy in order to convert VHS to DVD realitively quickly and realabily. I am using Ulead DVD something and it not upto the job.

Can you get a card the will conect through the scart on the VHS player rather than the coax ariel? And whats the quickish rendering software.

I'm going to start a similar project soon, but using VCD instead of DVD (don't have a DVD burner).

Over the weekend I bought a Pinnacle Studio Moviebox USB external device from ebay.

This hardware will convert the incoming signal to mpeg in real time, thereby saving time & disk space.

Pinnacle also do a DV version.

  Devious Dave 13:06 08 Mar 2004

Thanks for the reply CoB. I was coverting the singal into mpeg and then converting the mpeg into DVD thats what took the most time.

How does your Moviebox connect to the VHS player, is it through a scart lead (VHS end) and the three red yellow white (the movie box end)?

  Sheila-214876 13:15 08 Mar 2004

Can't be done. I am just into doing the same thing myself. Everything has to be done in realtime. I have found that a 3 hour Beta tape will take around 7 and half hours from start to finish. I also have a sound sync problem, but with some help from other Forum members and Pinnacle I have now got that down to about less than a second. I will continue because I have about 100 Beta tapes that I need to keep (about 20 years old) and if my Beta recorder packs up all is lost. The hardware I use is Dazzle Fusion connects via USB to the computer and phono or S-video to the video recorder. Comes with Pinnacle Studio 8. Got it from for £48.

  siouxah1 18:42 08 Mar 2004

If you can afford it - then one way to do it in real time is to purchase a DVD Recorder that connects to your TV such as this

click here=

Works a treat, just connect your VHS or whatever to the machine. If you use the Panasonic you can use it as you would a VHS on DVD RAM and fit anything from one to six hours on a DVD-R. (Variable recording rate.)

Regards Brian j

  y_not 19:29 08 Mar 2004

Like you I have around 50 tapes (each 3 hours long) to convert. I will be editing them and adding chapters along the way so I'll leave you to work out the maths!

My solution was to set up a second PC dedicated to this job but sharing the keyboard, mouse & monitor with the main system.

It runs no AV, no Office package, no add-ons or goodies - just win2k, Nero & Studio 8 (and enditall to kill off anything that might try and run without good reason).

I capture, edit and author over a 2 or 3 day period and leave the PC running constantly during that time so I can go to it when I have time.

Just a different approach to the problem

  Sheila-214876 23:25 09 Mar 2004

Good link siouxah1. But are these recorders "multisession" ie. can I record a 1 hour programme one day and another 1 hour programme at a later date or is it 1 programme 1 disk?

  siouxah1 20:20 10 Mar 2004

Sorry I have not answered before this, busy upgrading.

Multi session.

I believe this to be the case. I have recorded two sessions on one disc sucessfully. Before I fully confirm I will do a test on my machine tomorrow and will let you know the result. I will use a DVD-R.

regards Brian j

  siouxah1 14:00 11 Mar 2004

In answer to ennuye's last post.

I confirm that more than one session can be written to each DVD-R disc.I have just written three separate half hour programmes to one disc.

This can be done as long as the disc is not finalised. Once finalised the disc is readable on compatible DVD standalones. (Most later models.)

Each session is atomatically broken into five or six minute portions which would equate to chapters.

Each session can be played as chosen.

Very good quality at the two hour per disc rate.

The E60B has firewire connection and is the Panasonic that I use.

Regards Brian j

  Sheila-214876 16:32 11 Mar 2004

siouxah1. Thanks for that info. Sorry Devious Dave if we seem to be hi-jacking your thread but all responses about this subject must be relevant.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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