Converting .ts to DVD usable files

  Kilty 10:45 28 Dec 2008

I have had a look on the forum, but cant seem to find an easy way of doing this. I want to take recordings off my PVR and put them onto DVD.

I have managed to convert the .ts file to an mpeg, but its massive (3.6gb for an hour long programme). Now I want to put this onto a DVD, to watch on the DVD player,without using a whole disc. Is there anyway of doing this?

Thanks in advance for any help.

  brundle 10:47 28 Dec 2008

You could try this freebie; click here

  mocha 11:57 28 Dec 2008

Hi Kilty,

Another freebie click here

  Kilty 12:08 28 Dec 2008


Thanks for both thoes links tried the first one, and I still end up with a massive file. Does the SUPER programme allow for compresion? I would like to get multiple titles on a DVD.


  mocha 12:13 28 Dec 2008

Hi Kilty,

You can customise SUPER to any given size of output including Video and Sound compression/quality reduction.

  Les28 12:24 28 Dec 2008

The size of the mpeg2 file sounds right, when converting from other formats to mpeg2, I normally save mpeg2 files at 1MB a second bit rate, which works out at your 3.6 GB an hour, which will quite easily fit on a single sided DVD disk. If you reduce the bit rate, you will lose image quality, it's a trade off.

  eedcam 14:31 28 Dec 2008

Why mess with converting just use DVD flick its free that will author and burn to dvd
click here

  Kilty 14:42 28 Dec 2008

Thanks for all help. I have tried DVD flick, but this still gives me a huge file and takes a long time. Previous to this I just made DVD copies through a recorder, alas the recorder is no more and I thought there maybe a quick and easy way to do this via a PC. All the suggested programs seem to take a long time to convert etc. and I still only end up with 2 hours per DVD. Super seems to make the file smaller, but after 2 hours Im still only a fith of the way through the cycle.

I was hoping that there would be a solution as simple as hooking up a DVD recorder and doing it in real time.

Thanks again for all your replies, I will keep trying to find a way.

  eedcam 19:37 28 Dec 2008

Two things regardless of how you go about it in the actual burning should only take minutes say 20 more or less the main time is getting it ready to burn and yes that can be considerable.sizewise you have allowed Flick to burn at autofit therebye using the highest bitrate you can manually lowewr this unde settings

  Terminus90 10:08 29 Dec 2008

You need to understand, you can't just copy and play a dvd on your computer just like you can't copy and play a music cd. Both formats have to be converted to a format (mp3 or wma for audio & avi or mpeg for video) that the pc understands. This is called "ripping" also a dvd will only hold up to 4.7 GIG of video, or two hrs

  Kilty 10:28 29 Dec 2008

Sorry, Im probably not making myself clear. I understand about the conversion of files so that different readers can understand it. My main question was about that process and also if it was possible, using a single program, to compress the output to fit more than 2 hours on a single disc (as I was able to do using a DVD recorder attached to the PVR by a scart lead).

My thought was, that with the rise in popularity of PVRs with USB ports, there would be a programme developed that would make this process a bit more straight forward.

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