Converting site to FTP & getting free web space

  Revi 20:28 21 Mar 2004

I have 2 simple questions to which I would like to get concrete answers. I have made a one page website as a beginnner. Now I would like to try it out with a web host who would offer me a small 3 MB space without any cost so that I could shuffle files up and down as I build my site. Question 1 : what are the concrete steps to convert my site to FTP? Like ”Taran” says I would like to ” Get used to transferring web files up to and down from web host using FTP” Question 2 : Is it possible to get free web space with any host?

  Taran 20:59 21 Mar 2004

Your ISP normally offers you free web space and a few other places will give you free space too.

First port of call should be your ISP, but free web space provided by an ISP sometimes does not allow FTP. Some ISPs prefer you to use their own upload control panel page.

You do not 'convert' a site to FTP. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is a method of moving the files from your computer to its home on a web server. You can get several free FTP programs and most good web editing software has FTP built in, negating the need for a third party FTP program.

3 megs is not a small amount of space. HTML files are tiny and any images should be optimised for fast downloads. You could easily cram 40 or more web pages and 20 images into 3 megs with room to spare. My main business site is 29 files in three folders and comes to a vast 259kb, just over a quarter of a meg.

Start with your ISP and ask if you get any free wen space with your internet dial up/broadband account and if you do ask them what your FTP details are. They will help you with your username and password and you're off.

Any problems and you know where to come for help.

  Revi 21:09 21 Mar 2004

Million thanks for such a detailed reply. Will proceed accordingly and will revert if and when required. Thanks for your offer for help.

  Taran 21:53 21 Mar 2004

Taran, you say that most good web editing software has built in FTP. I built my website using "wordpad".

If this is not a web editing software then how do I find out if I have any web editing software at all?

And if wordpad is a web editing software then where do I locate the built in FTP?



My reply:

WordPad is an awful tool to use for web editing and no, it does not have FTP built in. WordPad does not save files in the correct format and can introduce errors into your pages. You need a plain text editor like Notepad but this does not have FTP so you will need a separate FTP program for uploading.

For lots of nice features for free, try HTML Kit from click here which does allow you to upload the files you create with it. Another nice code editor is Crimson Editor, available from this link click here which also has FTP built in.

When I mentioned web editing software I was referring to the mainstream web editors like Dreamweaver, FrontPage, GoLive, NetObjects Fusion and similar. All of those programs have file transfer protocol built in.

In future it would be best to ask your questions in the forum so that others may benefit from any solutions offered. You will also expose yourself to feedback from more people than just me and so may get a more suitable solution than my suggestions.

Hope this helps.



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