Converting signal from laptop to TV's HELP!

  hawtdawg 21:55 19 Oct 2009

Hey everyone

Hoping someone can help me here. I want to send my signal from my laptop (VGA/RGB) to 6 tv's which are currently connected to a sky box by way of splitter and uhf cables. So, i guess in essence i need a VGA to UHF converter??? BUT, i can't find what i am looking for anywhere grrrr, any ideas?

Thanks so much in anticipation.

HD. :D

  johnnyrocker 22:22 19 Oct 2009

do the tv's have the facility you suggest?


  hawtdawg 22:22 19 Oct 2009


Thanks for the quick reply, i am confused by your question sorry.
All i need to do is send my laptop signal to the UHF cable that goes to all my tv's, they are all lcd screens.

  johnnyrocker 22:26 19 Oct 2009

you may have some luck click here=


  hawtdawg 22:30 19 Oct 2009

Thanks for the link, but none of those pages help me at all, that was the first place i looked :D


  johnnyrocker 22:34 19 Oct 2009

does laptop have svs facility or similar, if advised of actions taken so far it prevents repetition


  hawtdawg 00:11 20 Oct 2009

Hi Johnny

Sorry to be thick lol, but what is SVS? My only output is VGA, and i know others who use their laptops as hosters for karaoke and send image to numerous screens, but not sure if they have VGA out or maybe S Video..


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