Converting RAID 1 to RAID 10

  Itchy Fingers 17:36 15 Feb 2008

Hi can any body help out there.

I have the a new Q6600 setup running Vista Ultimate supported by 2 X 500Gb SATA HD's in Raid 1 (Mirror) and 4Gb RAM.

I have purchased two further HD's of the same size and from the same batch with a view to converting the system to Raid 10 (Stripped and Mirrored). How can I do this without loosing / crupting all the data that exists in the existing set-up.

For the record I have tried:

Splitting the existing RAID and adding a clean drive - It just tries to rebuild itself.

Leaving one RAID drive on line, changing BIOS to non RAID setup and trying to "repair" the drive using the repair module on the Vista DVD - It goes so far and then I get a quick blue screen and a re-boot.

Undertake a drive copy - errors prevent completion.

Undertake a drive image - image never completes with over 2000 errors (the software - two differnt system houses tried) does not recognise the incomplete image file.

I could reformat and start agian but I want to avoid the phome calls to MS concerning the reactivation.

  Kemistri 02:48 16 Feb 2008

The only possible method that comes to mind is to move one disk off the array, leave the other disconnected completely, and then build a striped (not stripped, BTW) array with the two new disks by copying from the first disk outside the array. Then wipe that disk and its disconnected partner, add them into the array, and copy the contents of the new disks on to the old disks. You now have a RAID 0+1 (the two terms are interchangeable) array as intended. This depends upon the flexibility that your RAID chipset offers when building arrays and cloning disks.

  Itchy Fingers 08:44 16 Feb 2008

I believe I have already tried this. The Intel chipset sees both HD's that were in the orignal RAID array as part of a broken array and therefore the only option when paired with a clean HD is to rebuild the array or remove the it from that RAID (making it non-RAID) which in turn throws up the message that all data on the HD will be lost.

That is unless I have misunderstood you.

  Kemistri 11:06 16 Feb 2008

"....and therefore the only option when paired with a clean HD"

Please re-read my post. I suggested two clean disks (the new ones) in the array and one old disk out of the array and the other old disk not used at all at this point.

  Itchy Fingers 15:21 10 Mar 2008

Just a closure note for those who want to attempt this or a similar move.

I received some conflicting information from my motherboard's support team (it did not reply to the issues rasied).

I rebuilt a standalone HD in the hope to build a RAID set from that, but the system would not recognise the installation once the HD boot was set as RAID (which it was not at that time).

Thank goodness for positive back-ups.

I wiped all four HD's clean and started again with them configued as RAID 10 from the outset and before loading Vista which lead to the correct configuration.

The good news from this is that I lost my fear of MS allowing me to register Vista several times. Being trueful and honest, I used MS's telephone activation service a total for four times, all on the same PC and had no problems at all - something positive for MS.

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