Converting My Lp Vinyl Music Collection

  betina 22:05 21 Sep 2007

Hi guy's
I would love some advice regarding my Lp Vinyl Collection currently deposited in my loft gathering dust lol!!(yes unfortunately! i am of an age to have such a collection lol!!), i was indeed wondering just how i would go about from start to finish to convert my Lp's to enable me to finally install them on my pc!!! other wise i just might have to send them to the local carboot sale. Any offers of help would be gratefully received

Many thanks guy's
Have a nice one

  Strawballs 22:36 21 Sep 2007
  C3 22:46 21 Sep 2007

Unless you have a high end audio card then your best method will be to hook up a connection from the headphone socket on your stereo to the line-in port on your PC.
Then you need some audio editing software to record it in and break it up into individual tracks.

Personally I use Goldwave, but I'm sure there are more user-friendly programs out now. I think you may be able to use one of Nero's functions to record in.

Whatever you do, make sure that it saves the files as .wav format, then use these files to burn an audio CD.
Make sure you have enough hard drive space though as .wav files can be pretty big.

  Diemmess 22:59 21 Sep 2007

If you want the best recording direct from your existing turntable, then connect a pre-amplifier between the turntable and the Line in on your PC. click here

Download Audacity which is free and will give good control plus simple editing, and a choice of file types to "export"

  sah1157 08:11 22 Sep 2007

hi, i use audacity as i am too in the process of transferring my collection. [mine's in the garage, no room in the house!]
it is quite time consuming, going through and separating and naming every track,although you can just record it [an lp] as one whole file and just save it under the lp name of course.

but it passes the time and is quite satisfying in a strange sort of way, plus you get to listen to them all again....

there has been other editing software available through the magazine free dvd's recently, i just can't remember the name at the moment!!

  Sparkly 08:17 22 Sep 2007

(yes unfortunately! i am of an age to have such a collection lol!!)

Hi betina i like yourself fall into this catorgory,i have backed up all my albums now to my pc (took me over two months and a lot of HD space) but it was worth it,i used the record deck to play them and as C3 has advised and hook up a connection from the headphone socket on your stereo to the line-in port on your PC and use either Nero if you have it or Download Audacity as Diemmess as said click here
After i had recorded them to an external HD what do i do with them now? I offerd up four of what i considerd the best on Ebay and to my surprise made a £125 on just those so not only do i have them on disc as and when i also have money in my pocket. Life is good (sometimes).

  Wak 14:04 22 Sep 2007

Hi Betina, Is this of any use to you??

click here

  betina 22:06 22 Sep 2007

Hi Guy's

Glad to hear i am not the only one in ownership of the Grand Old Vinyl Collection lol!! looks like i have my work cut out methinks!!!!,(what was i thinking lol!!!) when i met my hubby he to also had a substantial vinyl collection sigh!!, however am all for a bit of relaxation and therapy. Having finally ventured up to the loft with my 20 year old daughter for a look see at our Lp's i was subsequently greeted to an OMG!! look at the size of them lol!!! as she chuckled at her mothers trip down memory lane !! so it just goes to show size does matter lol!! Sparkly i may just take on board your tip and make some cash!!!
Many thanks to all you guy's for your help and sound advice, so i suppose i'd better get started now if i wish to get finished for Xmas lol!

Have a group hug

From Betina

  Sparkly 23:34 22 Sep 2007

Go for it betina just type a search into ebay first for whatever album your selling and see what its going for, as i did with my albums they meant a lot to me and if i was going to sell them it was not for a pitance, they were worth more than £££ i would rather hang on to them, whatever you do get enjoyment from it.

  betina 21:25 23 Sep 2007

Many thanks for the tips Sparkly will follow your advice, although i thought you might like to know after i did a brainstorming with my hubby regarding "Both" our collections purely without malice you understand!!!!! it was decided his would have to go haha!! so at this rate any money made selling those albums will have to pay for my divorce lawyer lol!!!! So thankyou for your help and please to take care

Have a nice one

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