Converting music tapes to CD

  mark e 15:01 30 Jan 2003

Can anyone advise me the best way to convert my old music on tapes to CD's.using mp3 file format.
I have no idea where to start.

  stlucia 15:08 30 Jan 2003

First you need a sound card with a line-in socket. Recording software should come with the card.

Plug a cable from the line-out socket on your cassette player to the line-in on the sound card, open the recording software, and record your tapes onto your HDD. You probably do this manually a track at a time so that you can record them as separate tracks onto your CD.

Then you use the software that comes with your CD burner to create a CD using the tracks you've saved on the HDD.

  Troop Leader 15:11 30 Jan 2003

Mark e

You first need the software which usually comes with CDRW these days. I use Nero.

You then need to link your tape deck, via an amplifier to the sound card of your PC. Use the tape out of your amplifier to your PC.

Once connected up you need to record your music to a .WAV file using the software provided. This file can then be 'burnt' to your CD or to MP3.

There are some sites that give nice pretty pictures to help connect etc, I shall be back later with a link all being well.


  Troop Leader 15:16 30 Jan 2003

click here for information on how to connect your PC to Tape Deck etc. This site is among many but includes some useful pictures of the various connections, useful for the first timer.

Also try a search of 'Vinyl to CD' which should throw up some other threads on the same subject on this forum.


  mark e 15:18 30 Jan 2003

Stlucia & Troop Leader,
Thank you for the extreemly prompt response, would Either of you suggest a reputable sound card suitable for the job.

My system is running ME 512Mb ram amd 1200mhz processor

  Troop Leader 15:28 30 Jan 2003

Sounds like your system is quite new and well specified, the card in there should be good enough for most uses. Mine is a soundblaster fitted with the PC 4 years ago and does the job fine.

If you're not happy with what you have try a search in the ConsumerWatch forum.


  mark e 15:32 30 Jan 2003

there is no card in it, its using the onboard sound card at the moment, thats why i need to buy one

  Troop Leader 13:14 31 Jan 2003

Take a look at click here and search for sound card. This will give you a list of internet shops with examples of prices etc. If all you want is to copy your tapes you will not need anything too expensive i.e. overspecified with digital this and that or suitable for fancy games unless that is what you want to move into. So you shouln't need to specd more than £20 ish.

All the best


  mark e 16:02 31 Jan 2003

Thank you for the advise Troop Leader
This morning I bought a Hercules 7.1 sound card @ 49.99 fitted it this afternoon, so i'm converting as i type.
Thanks again
Mark e

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