Converting Music Files for a Web Site

  Splitty 15:01 02 Apr 2003

I waould like to add some background music to my web site. I'm using Serif Web Plus to create the site, this lets me add sound as long as it's in either .WAV, .AIFF, .AU, MIDI (.mid, .midi), or RealAudio (.ra, .ram) formats.

How do I convert any music I have, IE in Media Player, to these formats? And if I used a programm such as Ejay, how do I convert these?


  mad2477 15:14 02 Apr 2003

go to click here and download an audio converter, it will probably be a trial so you'll only have a month to use it. But back ground music takes sooo long to load up and it is usually so bad! Good luck, whats your website?

  €dstow 15:27 02 Apr 2003

A surefire way of putting people off a website is to put music on it. Even if you think it's the best music in the world, you can guarantee that a number, possibly a large number, of people will disagree.

Remember as well that having to wait for a site to load is another way of putting people off. If it's because they're waiting for something they don't want anyway - well, you see the problem.

Always bear in mind - Silence is Golden!


  €dstow 15:28 02 Apr 2003

Sorry my heading should be addressed to Splitty Oooops!


  Splitty 18:42 02 Apr 2003

Do people really hate music on sites that much?

My site's not ready yet, just faffing about at the mo with ideas.

Anyway, thanks for all the prompt responses. Maybe I'll leave it as it is!!!

  €dstow 19:13 02 Apr 2003

Yes, I think they do hate music on websites mainly because music is such a personal thing and whatever your site is about, you are going to get a very wide spectrum of people visiting either as casual visitors or those who have deliberately sought out your work. Remember that these people are not just in the UK. The Internet is effectively worldwide and musical tastes vary enormously.

If you do decide to add a tune at a later date, remember KISS (Keep It Simple) so that there is no long waiting period before anything happens while your music is loading. Evene a few seconds can seen a long time when you're staring at a blank screen.


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