Converting to mp3??

  gudda96 19:04 06 Jun 2004

Can anyone tell me how to change audio cds from wma to mp3 so I can play on an mp3 player please.

I use xp/nero

  Charence 19:07 06 Jun 2004

You can use Nero Wave Editor, however, you have only 30 free conversions. Download Apple iTunes for unlimited 192kbps MP3 conversions.

Just open a file, right click and select CONVERT TO MP3


  bremner 19:08 06 Jun 2004

dbpoweramp click here

  BBez 19:20 06 Jun 2004

click here one of the best .wav converters with built in LAME click here .mp3 encoding...

  TommyRed 19:36 06 Jun 2004

Free from click here HTH TR

  gudda96 13:36 08 Jun 2004


Thanks for your replies, 4 different sites so i guess it will be pot luck for me but i suppose they are similar.

Am I right in saying that I burn a cd to my HDD, then if I have one of these converter progs installed,I convert my WMA file to mp3 and download it to my mp3 player.

If I have this wrong, can you correct me but please in a step x step fashion.

Can anyone also tell me how many cds I could save to an mp3 player both in wma and mp3 formats.

  ste_bla 13:52 08 Jun 2004

If you have a CD use CD-Ex and it will automatically put it into a mp3 format if you tell it to and at what quality you want, i use it and it is very simple quick and free

A cd album at medium/good quality (128bit rate) takes up roughly 50mb and so it depends on size of mp3 play how many you have, not sure on wma files

  gudda96 14:02 08 Jun 2004


What is cd-ex
If my cd is decent quality as you say,and the mp3 player I buy is 128mb, that means I can only fit on about 2.5 cd's?
How much does a converter prog(cd-ex?)compress it?

What is 128 bit rate?

  Chronos 14:34 08 Jun 2004

CDEX is one of the best out there, it will change your CD's into MP3 FILES..mind you 128mb is not a lot, MP3 players are now between 20 and 40 GB, the iRiver one i have holds about fourteen thousand tracks.............

  gudda96 15:59 08 Jun 2004


i assume I can Google CDEX.
What is the iRiver you mention.
At present, I have 4 cds on my HDD,24mb/40mb/45mb/25mb. so as an example, what size would they be in mp3 format.

  gudda96 17:18 08 Jun 2004


I have found/dowloaded/installed cdex.

I have just inserted audio cd in cd-rom drive and tried one track but I cant see where it has been saved to.

Also,how do I change the tracks already on hdd.

Sorry to be such a dummy.

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