Converting .JPG files to .TIF

  Ancient Learner 12:29 08 Jul 2005

I am still finding this area somewhat confusing.

I use two software programmes for fiddling with my photos, PaintShop Pro 7 and PhotoSuite 5. Whilst PhotoSuite is not very sophisticated it does have its uses, particularly in controlling the printing side.

PhotoSuite doesn't recognise RAW, so I am going to convert the photos I take in SHQ to TIFF for safe keeping.

However, if I convert the JPEG file of 4.5MB in PaintShop, the file becomes 11.8MB, and PhotoSuite doesn't recognise it. If I convert the same JPEG file in PhotoSuite it becomes 20.2MB and PaintShop does recognise that OK.

Now, I ask myself, why should the same apparent action produce two different results, and is there really any difference in the resulting TIFF file other than sheer size.

It is clear from my messing about, (I refuse to call it 'investigation'), that I will have to convert in PhotoSuite , (I'm not short of storage space), but I do find it interesting and a few clues may help my poor old brain to comprehend what is going on!

  woodchip 12:35 08 Jul 2005

In your photo program after you have opend the Photo.Go to File\Save As choose .Tif from drop down box, you should not need to change the name as it's saved in different format

  Klof Ron 12:41 08 Jul 2005

Pix Resizer click here is a useful freeware programme that not only resizes single or multiple pics but also coverts almost any pis to another format. You may find it useful.

  Ancient Learner 12:42 08 Jul 2005

woodchip. Thanks, but that is not what I am questioning. It's the effect of using different software to change the format that is the point. :))

  Klof Ron 12:43 08 Jul 2005

Pix Resizer click here is a useful freeware programme that not only resizes single or multiple pics but also coverts almost any pis to another format. You may find it useful.

  Stuartli 12:43 08 Jul 2005

A .jpeg file is compressed.

This may help (there are many other examples):

click here

  €dstowe 12:46 08 Jul 2005

The ideal program for converting graphics files is Irfan View - it's free as well and it does a lot more. Try it.

Get it from click here

  Gongoozler 13:34 08 Jul 2005

This page gives a lot of information about TIFF files click here, and this one also gives some of the reasons why some applications are unable to read some TIFF files click here. Happy reading!

  Ancient Learner 15:27 08 Jul 2005

Gongoozler. That makes interesting reading. Seems that not all programmes which appear to do the same thing, in this case convert graphic files, are equal! Also, if I have read it aright,(and I might not have) there appears to be some compression involved which I thought wasn't the case with TIFF.

Klof Ron, Stuartli and €dstowe, thank you for the conversion programmes. I'll have to look at them and see if I can fathom out how they work.

The Reasoft programme looks as though it is not free, but it may be easier to follow. I've had a go trying to use the other two and so far I've not managed a conversion. Nil Desperantum - I'll give 'em another go.

  steve12345 15:47 08 Jul 2005

As already mentioned, Irfanview is a very good free program.

Open your jpeg image in Irfanview, select "save as" (or press "s"), select "tiff" format and any of the options that you want to try and click "save" button.

You can also use the batch conversion feature (press "b"). Select the jpegs you want to convert, click "add", select your output directory, selct your output format (tiff) and click "start".

  Rogerfredo 16:23 08 Jul 2005

Is it really possible to convert a Jpeg (which is heavily compressed and therefore has lost some information in the process) to Tiff?
I always thought this process was irreversible.

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