Converting Freeview Recordings for DVD

  Gaz W 02:16 25 Jun 2004

I have a Nebula DigiTV PCI and a DVD writer (bought yesterday). I make lots of recordings from Freeview channels and I would like to burn some to DVD.

The problem is, at the moment (until the next software update) recordings are in MPEG-2 DVB format. I need to use various programs to convert my existing files to the correct format, but I get various different errors when attempting to do so.

I am using some "example conversion guide" text document sent to me by the (excellent) Nebula Support team.

Basically, this is what I do:

1. Use PVAStrumento, select the input file and click "make ps".

2. Use TMPGEnc Plus 2.5 - File > MPEG Tools, selecting the converted (output) file (from above) as the source, and specifying another file as the final output. I choose the necessary options as outlined in the guide, but at this stage I have been getting errors. One said it "_may_ cause problems with DVD authoring."

Also, I'm not quite sure what I can use for DVD authoring; my drive is OEM so no software at all. I have Ulead DVD Movie Factory 2, the above software and a trial version of Pinnacle Studio 9 (free with some single layer 4x DVD+R discs).

One more thing - due to a software error, some recordings are split into two or three files. I would like them to be joined back together seamlessly, which appears to be possible, but what's the best way to do this?

  Sharpamatt 05:37 25 Jun 2004

Dont forget copyright laws,

Try a full program rather that OEM such as Power Producer Gold
This should do all with what you are having problems with by just a few mouse clicks

Very few drives come with driver software,

  Stuartli 10:01 25 Jun 2004

Re copyright. The BBC states that providing recordings made from its radio or TV programmes are for personal use only, then it is acceptable to record them.

It's the same for the BBC's website:

click here

  Gaz W 13:57 25 Jun 2004

Does Power Producer Gold specifically convert from MPEG-2 DVB to MPEG-2 DVD format? Better still, could I just select my TV recordings and tell it to burn them to DVD, and have it do all the work?

  Gaz W 14:06 25 Jun 2004

By the way - about the copyright...

Without starting a huge copyright debate, what the BBC is saying I can understand, but only if what they have broadcast becomes available to buy on DVD. With some things this doesn't happen, and with others (Only Fools and Horses being the perfect example) this doesn't happen properly, i.e. scenes missing (due to copyright issues with music in the background!) and music dubbed over, again due to copyright. Also, not all are available on DVD.

Does this mean that copyright law would restrict me from giving a recording I made for someone else to them on DVD? Or would I need to delete it from my machine before I could?

  Gaz W 21:26 27 Jun 2004

I need to convert my Freeview recordings for burning to DVD. I've used PVAStrumento and then TMPGEnc Plus, but in TMPGEnc Plus, I get this error:

"393831 s packets cause buffer underflow.

The MPEG might cause error when it played."

It is badly worded as you can see, but basically it doesn't play properly - I get garbled squares appearing on the picture and the sound is all broken up with horrible loud high-pitched noises in it.

What exactly should I be doing to an MPEG2-DVB recording to make it into DVD format? I've looked into Power Producer Gold (I think it's version 2 they are on now) but I can't seem to find a detailed description of what it does.

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