Converting digital 8 tapes to dvd

  myanmarboy 00:46 05 Jul 2007

My Sony Digital 8 Handycam just gave up the ghost on it's "record" function. The player still works but a repair looks to be commercially unviable.
I am just about sold on replacing the camera with a new mini dv job, but have lots of digi8 tapes that I would like to convert to dvd so as not to lose the material.
I have experimented with capturing some material to WMM and making movies, but when I play them back in WMP the quality is a long way removed from playing back the tapes through my handycam tova tv. At full-screen on my pc they are barely watchable.
Am I doing something wrong or is there bound to be a big loss of resolution? I have'nt burned anything to disc yet as at this quality I feel it would be a waste of time/money.
I don't have a firewire and have captured so far via USB 2.0, could this be the problem? Also my pc spec is not that high - Pentium 4, 2.4 ghz, 768 mb of RAM, but 200Gb of available storage.
I would be grateful for any help at all including advice on good literature on editing for beginners.
Thank you.

  MichelleC 11:16 05 Jul 2007

To capture DV onto pc you need to do it via firewaire. USB can't cope with that format.

  myanmarboy 14:08 05 Jul 2007

thanks for the info. will fit a firewire card and try again

  Totally-braindead 16:40 05 Jul 2007

Easiest way is to record direct to a stand alone DVD recorder.

  myanmarboy 19:43 05 Jul 2007

I would have liked to have edited out the junk before saving them and I don't have a dvd recorder yet, but I may have to consider this option. If I go down this path can I edit them from the dvd?

  Totally-braindead 21:58 05 Jul 2007

I think so but have never tried it so am unsure, the only thing I have ever done is connect either a camera or a video to my DVD recorder, hit play on one and record on the other and thats it.
You could always borrow someones recorder and try it.
If its 2 hours of footage it will take you 2 hours to copy it onto DVD, you could just pop into a friends with your camcorder and try it.

  myanmarboy 22:25 05 Jul 2007

Someone just suggested that if I replaced my old camera with a new minidv that had a A/V IN line, I could transfer directly from the old to the new and edit out the junk at the same time. Do you think that this is a go-er. It sounds good.

  myanmarboy 23:54 05 Jul 2007

I think that should have been DV in.

  Totally-braindead 13:56 06 Jul 2007

If your old camcorder has the AV out then I see no reason it wouldn't work, same as the connecting to a DVD recorder really just using a minidv rather than the recorder. Haven't tried it but see no reason it wouldn't work.

  myanmarboy 00:30 07 Jul 2007

Totally-braindead and MichelleC. Thanks for the help. Definitely going for the Minidv option and hopefully can save my old digi8's now. Cheers

  iamgrunt 03:18 13 Jul 2007

Minidv and Digital8 have exactly the same video and sound quality, your problem is not the camera, is that in USB you are losing a lot of quality, if you want to convert to DVD without losses you need to do it via firewire.

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