Converting CD's to MP3 files

  melpear 20:15 09 May 2014

Hi I am intending to convert all of my CD’s to MP3 files and to prevent any abortive work I wonder if someone could give me advice on the following:- 1). Which is the best method to use Windows Media Player or I tunes? 2). Which is the best setting to convert for playing back through a Hi-Fi system ie128 Kbps or 192 Kbps? 3). Which is the optimum sound setting as I have heard that it is best to set the CD volume at maximum before conversion. 4). Any other tips on playlists etc would be greatly appreciated.

  john bunyan 19:42 10 May 2014

I prefer iTunes as my (older) grandchildren use it both for ripping and buying downloads. Once you get used to it , it is fine. If you have an iPad or an iPhone it is more compatible. For "POP" music I think 128Kbps is ok. One of my grandchildren's boyfriends has 20,000 tunes and a higher bit rate would take up too much space. Maybe se pop stuff to rip at 128 and classics at 192.These days purchased iTunes can be converted from AAC to MP3 if you wish. Probably the choice will be influenced on the portable devices you have or will buy.

  mole1944 18:16 11 May 2014

Like john bunyan i use iTunes it does all i need, i know it can be clunky but i have a smidgen over 68,000 track (All legal i might add)and it does me just fine,That's 289 Gb if anyone's interested,and yes i do save to several places

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