converting AVI files

  jagsman 00:38 11 Jan 2004

i need to know how to convert AVI files to MPEG. i have tried 2 progs ( TMPGnc and AVItoMPEG ) but they dont work, i dont know why they wont work but they say that my original AVI files are not supported so they cannot open them. does anyone know of any other progs that might work.

  hugh-265156 01:00 11 Jan 2004
  tafoody 01:17 11 Jan 2004

this program click here should give you some info on what codec is used.

an .avi file is like a container, but whats inside could be divX or Xvid, and there are different versions of each.

i downloaded an .avi file that wouldn't play and messing about with a copy of the file and the 4cc changer, i got it working.good luck.

  Dekka123 01:22 11 Jan 2004

I use edit studio from pure motion. An excellent programme

  QQAA 07:05 11 Jan 2004

despite the fact that this rare Japanese freeware tool is famous and mentioned frequently by people in this forum. Not so sure what others think of its performance and ease of usage, though.

  Audeal 10:23 11 Jan 2004

I had this problem only lastnight. I overcame this by loading the AVI file into Video Studio then Rendering it back to my Hard Drive as a mpeg file. It works but can be slow if the file is large. It works and might be worth trying if you cant find any other way of doing it.

  leo49 10:24 11 Jan 2004

What is overrated is the level of commonsense exhibited by many PC users.Programs are installed,a couple of likely looking random buttons are clicked and if it doesn't immediately perform the task they had in mind,then the cry goes up, "it doesn't work - the program's no good".One case we never hear the end of involved a very good cleaning program which many members use without a second thought.A new menber installed it on his machine, didn't bother to read the instructions,clicked a few buttons and ever since whenever cleaning utilities are mentioned shouts long and loud that such and such a program "wrecked his computer".

It could well be a psychological quirk. Calling instructions for program use "Help files" runs contrary to many folk's sense of independence and an affront to the overestimation of their own intelligence and intuitive powers.To a lot of folk, Help files are the last resort when they should be the first port of call.Far easier to blame a program than to admit they can't intuit how it works or understand instructions.

  holly polly 10:41 11 Jan 2004

hi i usually use a early version of virtual dub too check the audio and split the file if virtual dub recognises the audio is ripped from mp3 will tell you ,you then have to extract the audio has a wav file and then input the file when you come to split ,i then end up with 2 files on the desktop which i drag seperately into nero and burn as a vcd ,nero encodes to mpeg ,i say you need a early copy of virtual dub as the audio support is missing from the latest versions -regards-hol pol....

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