Converting audio cassettes

  johnlecarre 19:27 19 Jun 2003

Any ideas for transferring my collection of audio cassettes to burn them onto CD's. I have seen a program called 'audio cleaning lab' but rather costly. Does windows ME have anything that does this?

  bremner 19:33 19 Jun 2003

If you have 'line in' on your sound card you can connect a cassette player to the PC and record the cassette as wav files using sound recorder. You then burn them onto your CD. This will not however clean up crackle and hiss.

  Demora 19:44 19 Jun 2003

I Have Purchased Audio Cleaning Lab Deluxe 3 bought for Amazon for £19.99 Its good, I had to record from my daughters turntable to Minidisk and then into the pc though as she wouldn't let me take the stereo downstairs. BUT The software removed the rumble from the turntable.

I use the software that came with my sound card to record into the pc. Creative play centre 3.

Its a time consuming process but well worth the effort.

Hope this Helps.


  YMR 20:47 19 Jun 2003

I have also got the audio cleaning lab deluxe 3 and am in the process of transferring all my talking book tapes onto CD. You really need to be able to clean up the background noise otherwise the recording has a very noticable background hiss when transferred to CD. As Demora says, it is time consuming but I have been very pleased with the results.

  toxin 22:23 19 Jun 2003

Try click here for their shareware program, gives good recording results with lots of effects to apply, burn with Nero and keep the speed down to 8 or 16X, and you should get some good CDs.

I've recently transferred my collection of 60s & 70s LPs & cassettes, now have some 80 CDs, and almost 2000 tracks on my HDD.

Be prepared to experiment, till you get the result you want, record as WAV file, burn to CD and then convert to WMA or MP3 to save HDD space.

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