Convert vinyl to mp3

  max0502 15:20 10 Jan 2006

What do I need to do to put all my vinyl onto cd, current system has a 500mhz processor and Creatives External sound blaster requires 800 mhz, can I do it using the 500mhz processor and sound card already installed?

  pj123 15:26 10 Jan 2006

Why not try typing vinyl to cd in the search box. For example: click here

  jack 15:39 10 Jan 2006

Connecting a Turntable direct to PC is a bit fraught.
You didnot say you were going this route but I assumethat is what you had in mind.
Firstly A turntable needs amping - even it builtin preamp [if it has one] will seldmom be eonugh.
But assum that is the routh then DBPowerAMP music converter will do the job
It appears regularly on PCA cover disks and is a rree download try click here
But uas pj123 says take the time to research the forum files, we are always taking it up somewhere

  beynac 16:45 10 Jan 2006

I've just bought a phono preamp from Maplins; click here

It seems to work very well. I'm using it with Audacity software (free) click here

  Wak 16:49 10 Jan 2006

Hi, Does this help???
click here

  pj123 15:44 14 Jan 2006

Hotfoot yourself down to your local Newsagent and get the March DVD edition of PC Advisor magazine. On the cover disc is LP Recorder version 5. Full free program.

I have been using this program since the start to transfer all my LPs, Cassette tapes and even my Reel to Reel tapes to CD. I am now on version 7.

Great program, I record everything as one long .wav file and then use LP Ripper to split it back to separate files.

Check here: click here for more info.

  sgtdibble 14:53 21 Jan 2006

I have been trying to put my tapes on disc to
and I could'nt make Audacity work so I'm going to
try pj123's suggestion thanks to Max0502 you saved me posting the same question Thanks to all

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