Convert video to DVD to play on PC

  weeve 14:03 17 Nov 2004

I recently bought a Liteon DVD recorder with the intention of transfering old video tape onto DVD. This works brilliantly and they play on a standard DVD Player, BUT I wanted to manipulate some wedding videos etc on the PC, which doesn't recognise the file format. Can anyone help?

  pj123 14:24 17 Nov 2004

I think we need a bit more info here. What O/S are you using? What programme are you using to transfer to DVD? What format is the old video tape that acutally works? What format are the wedding videos you want to manipulate? What is it that you want to do with them? etc...

  Nigel-331402 14:27 17 Nov 2004

You are going to have to get the video onto the PC to start with, in either AVI or MPEG format (or something similar)

You'll then need to use something like Ulead Video Studio (or something similar) to do the actual editting and then turn it back into a DVD format ready for burning back to DVD

  PA28 14:44 17 Nov 2004

As per the above. The Wedding video is analogue whereas editing and writing to DVD is digital. Firstly you will need an Analogue to Digital converter. This is found in some graphics cards, you can buy an external converter (Pinnacle offer a number of packages) or you can use, as I do, a camcorder which has an analogue signal line in (mine's a Canon 700i - the i is important - at about £300-£350). All have the same result, converting the analogue video signal into digital video and sound which can then be captured and edited (if you wish) using Pinnacle or Ulead or similar, and then written to DVD. It's one of the most demanding tasks that you can ask of your computer however, and takes a lot (and I mean a lot) of hard disk space to store the digital files: you need a beefy machine (I wouldn't attempt this without at least a 2Ghz processor and 20Gb of hard drive space free) or a plentiful supply of both coffee and time. The DVD writer is only the end of the chain! The result, however, is worth it.

  PA28 14:47 17 Nov 2004

I'm assuming that the videos are on VHS or similar. If they're on miniDV tape then life is a little easier - you still need to import to your video processing software through a camcorder, but there's no conversion required.

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