convert from tapes to pc to cd

  YAMA 09:08 28 Oct 2006

hello all, need info on transfering tapes to cd, what is needed . ok thanks

  CLONNEN 09:17 28 Oct 2006

Connect a walkman or stereo to your computer using a 3.5mm audio cable which can be bought for a few quid. It's just a thin cable with a 3.5mm jack at both ends. One end needs to be plugged into your walkman/stereo's headphone socket and the other end connects to the PC's headphone socket on the back of the computer.

Then use an Audio program such as Audacity to record the tape's contents onto your PC in WAV or MP3 format depending on your program's capabilities. I have the settings for this procedure written down somewhere - I'll look for them.

  CLONNEN 09:23 28 Oct 2006

Make sure each track is recorded as an individual file.

Once you have saved each track onto your computer you'll need to burn them to a CD.

You may have to convert it into the correct format first depending on what you want to use the CD for.

CDA format if you are planning to play the CD on a normal music player/stereo system.

MP3 format if you are only ever going to play the tracks in your computer's CDROM drive or if your music system has MP3 capability.

  Wak 09:26 28 Oct 2006

click here
Hope this helps

  CLONNEN 09:59 28 Oct 2006

Found them - Here are the settings I used in Audacity when I transferred some of my dad's old cassettes to CD:

Audacity Recording Settings for portable Cassette Walkman

Microphone mid-level volume on Audacity screen

Windows Volume Control - Properties - Recording is set to Microphone selected at mid-level volume

Audacity Preferences

Audio I/O - Microsoft Sound Mapper Out and In
Software Playthrough ticked

Quality - 44100Hz 16-bit float Fast Sync interpolation High quality sinc interpolation
Real-time dither None High quality dither Triangle

File Format - WAV 16 bit

  YAMA 14:12 28 Oct 2006

Thanks Clonnen and wok for your time and great help. have coppied and put into word folder, clonnen what is audacity is a pro you down load or do you have to purchase, agin thanks to thr both of you, yamma

  dogbreath1 16:57 28 Oct 2006

Audacity 1.2.4 is a free program. It's so good, it beggars belief as to why it's free!

click here

It appears to be free from bundled nasties (often the 'price' to be paid for free stuff) and works brilliantly.

It boasts loads of features beyond the one that you are seeking.

Highly recommended.

  YAMA 10:19 29 Oct 2006

thanks again to all have own loaded the program thank you dogbreath1

  Carafaraday 10:32 29 Oct 2006

Bookmarked for future reference.

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