convert to MS picture 3.0

  steve263000 06:20 18 Feb 2006

Hi again.

After the last thread that I had so much help on, click here I am going to try again with another query about the same site.

I tried to check the properties of the pictures on the family history pages to see if the files names were incorrect. However there were no file names there, which would indicate that they are simply part of the saved file. Am I correct?

When I did ‘right click’ there was the option to covert to Microsoft picture 3.0. Would that help by converting the picture then saving it to a folder on the image file? I could then create a new page and ‘C&P’ the text and insert photos in the normal manner. Or have I got the idea of this all wrong as I have never used the facility?

When I first started with the project, I simply ‘C&P’d’ the page into a new web page. That did not work as the images, which mainly are birth and death record of family members, came in all over the place. I then tried to copy the text into the page, and C&P the pictures separately into a table as I have done with most of my photos. That did not work at all as I assume now, they were not recognised as photos.

So after that, I opened up the page in word, then saved it all as a web page in FP. I then simply entered it in the web, with the rubbish result that you can see.

The forum must be sick of hearing from me by now, but there is a good reason that I put PCA in the favourite web pages on my site.

  Forum Editor 13:32 18 Feb 2006

into which you should place all image files, using the 'import' option.

When in the images folder, click 'File' and then 'import'. A dialogue box will open, allowing you to browse to the folder on your hard drive where the images are stored.

Once you've done that, you can place images on the page in more than one way. You can use the insert option or, by opening the images folder you can simply drag the images across onto the page. FrontPage will automatically set up the links.

I notice that you've used upper case in your filenames by the way - it's better to use all lower-case, and remove the spaces - if you don't, you'll see %20 appearing all over the place.

You would also do better to create tables on your pages, and lay out the text and images that way.

  Forum Editor 13:35 18 Feb 2006

that FP won't create the images folder by default unless you start your web creation process in FP - simply copying content into FP from Word isn't going to do the job - you'll need to start from scratch.

  steve263000 10:50 19 Feb 2006

Thanks FE for the information. I know about lowercase names, but have this stupid habit of saving starting with uppercase. That is one I will have to break.

I have noticed that when I saved the word files from word to web, that at the same time, FP has created a file with the same name, and has all the graphics in there that the file would use. I assume that is what you mean.

I am going to try and create a new page using the graphics from these files on a new seperate page. Unfortunately, I am having trouble with my web space at the moment, so that will have to go on the back burner until I can get that sorted out.

  Forum Editor 14:01 19 Feb 2006

and creating a new version of the site in FP.

That way, all the defaults will be set up automatically, and you can import image files in the correct way, and to the default image folder.

Develop the site fully on your hard drive before you attempt to publish it to the server - FP enables you to preview the pages in various browsers to ensure they display correctly.

  steve263000 12:19 20 Feb 2006

Thank you for your interest FE, and I have come to the conclusion that sadly you are correct. I have Net Objects web fusion that I have never used, and I am going to try to build a site using that. I am going to start a seperate thread on something with that.

  mco 12:23 20 Feb 2006

netobjects fusion - a growing band of fans!

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