Convert mpeg to mp3...?

  al7478 21:12 30 Aug 2007

Does anyone know how i can do this? i have two videos in mpeg format (both on hard drive and on a data dvd) which i would like to convert to high quality mp3s. Any ideas?

i had some success with video to mp3 converter, but the tracks had crackles on them, which arent present in the mpeg files.

  skidzy 21:16 30 Aug 2007

click here maybe ?
Not used this myself im afraid.

  al7478 21:42 30 Aug 2007

Thanks Skidzy, I'll give it a go. Tho at the moment i must admit, im having trouble downloading it.

  skidzy 22:25 30 Aug 2007

Direct download Al click here

  al7478 23:09 30 Aug 2007


  woodchip 23:26 30 Aug 2007

You cannot change MPEG to MP3.

Mpeg is Video,

Mp3 is Music or Sound files

  woodchip 23:29 30 Aug 2007

I see this is a guessing game, and looks like skidzy guessed what you wanted to do. Extract Sound from a Video file

  al7478 23:32 30 Aug 2007

well i want to get the audio from a music video. i have tried running a dvd i made of the videos through dvd audio extractor, to no avail. but that may be a faul in the dvd somewhere, or my making of the dvd, im not sure what the problem is yet.

the programmme from skidzy appears to have worked, but its just playing direct from the programme itself, it hasnt extracted itself to my hard drive anywhere...?

  woodchip 23:34 30 Aug 2007

Can you record the sound while it playing

  al7478 23:37 30 Aug 2007

woodchip, i tried that with audacity, but the volume was so low on the resulting files. its probably my mistake, but ive no idea.

  woodchip 23:40 30 Aug 2007

Will Windows Recorder do it?


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