Convert movie to divx

  Daiol 17:51 29 Apr 2010

I have some home movies that i cant play on my samsung dvd player,Looked into the samsung info & found that it will play divx files.
Now i have tried a few downloads of convert from wmv to divx and at the end they all want your money,Is there any free software out there that can help me out & is it possible to burn to a dvd/cd after the conversion to divx.

  jimv7 19:18 29 Apr 2010

Any Video Converter Free Version

click here

  G4V1N 19:21 29 Apr 2010

i have a convertor that is free it is on a disc and i dunno where i could upload it for you to download it? unless you acn reccomend a safe and leagal place. that i can get on and not be blocked....


  Daiol 19:28 29 Apr 2010

good question,I'm open to suggestions.

  Daiol 19:29 29 Apr 2010

pm maybe.

  G4V1N 19:33 29 Apr 2010

i need to know your email address to send it and this softwear is virus and spy were free so if you pm me your email address i will sen it to you


  G4V1N 19:44 29 Apr 2010

it is for a phone but it should work for your dvd player too...

  G4V1N 19:54 29 Apr 2010

i will give you the link for it

  G4V1N 20:01 29 Apr 2010
  Belatucadrus 20:25 29 Apr 2010

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