convert lotus *lwp to *.doc and *.123 to *.xls

  sheila.weston 11:36 05 Dec 2008

I have been reading the thread on this subject in September. Can anyone recommend a program (preferably free) to batch-convert files made with lotus wordpro and 123 to files which would be readable with m/s Office?

If they can't be converted to *.doc would converting to *txt files be the best option? What about the *.123 files - what should I convert them to? I have hundreds of both to sort out and it would be easier to just convert them all and put on a spare disk 'in case' I want them.

Many thanks, as always.

  FreeCell 12:12 05 Dec 2008

Not answering your question directly I know. But do you need to convert them now? Why not archive them as they are and "convert" them when you need them.

Excel will open Lotus 1-2-3 files, (File - Open scroll down "Files of Type" to Lotus 1-2-3 files)

Word will not open .lwp, I don't think. But you could down load Lotus Symphony for free and open and save documents as you need them into .doc
click here

  sheila.weston 20:51 06 Dec 2008

Yes, I have been doing just this with the most frequently used files. Lotus 123 will save the 123 file to an excel file. BUT my Excel program cannot open my *.123 files. So if my lotus program stopped working I would be stuck.

I don't think that there is any point in downloading symphony as I can save the *.lwp files as *.doc from within Lotus, but not the other way around. But I really need a batch-convert.

I found a similar question during a GOOGLE seach, but it wasn't answered. There seem to be some programs available, but I am hoping for a recommendation.

  IClaudio 14:43 14 Dec 2009

Hi Sheila

I've been looking for this too over the past few days. I came up with two solutions.

1. As FreeCell said, you can download Lotus Symphony for free, and that's what I'm doing as I write (though the file is 197MB big, so make several cups of coffee!) Getting to the download page on the IBM site is one of the most tedious and frustrating experiences I've had :( And I still have no idea if it'll
a. Read old 1-2-3 files from the '90s (which, believe it or not, my contact is still using, and she refuses to move to Office... hey, it's not you is it??) or
b. will Save As Office 2007 .xls files

2. click here for the Amber ABC Lotus 1-2-3 converter; this promises batch conversion, but only in the registered version, $20. The demo will read .wk4 files, but is limited to just 10 lines, so I'm taking on trust that it can handle bigger sheets...

Hope this helps!

  sheila.weston 12:21 15 Dec 2009

Thankyou IClaudio. I'll keep all this in mind. Actually, there is a page by microsoft at click here, which appears to be offering a solution (although it may not be for batches). Also, putting 'convert wk4' into GOOGLE brings up several solutions, I think.Actually, when I wrote this a year ago, I was concerned about transferring files to a new laptop. Since then, I have found that very few of the old files were actually needed and I could view or convert them individually from within Lotus Suite, as needed.

  john bunyan 12:31 15 Dec 2009

I have a similar dilemma as I used Lotus for years. Switched to Office with W7 from XP. In wordpro I labouriously saved essential stuff as .doc files, also in .123 saved essential stuff as .xls. I have just bought MS Office 2007. Word processing ok but I find the Exel is a real pain - far too complex. I could write complicated macros and create spreadsheets far quicker in Lotus .123. I may even try installing it (although I now have W7 64 bit so dont know if it will work). IClaudio's contact is quite right, although he/she could save files for sending to others into .doc or .rtf for words or .xls for spreadsheets.

  IClaudio 18:20 15 Dec 2009

Now downloaded Lotus Symphony (in the end, I discovered that using the Download Manager was much easier and more reliable than using the http option...) doesn't open 1-2-3 files! Why ever not? It seems completely bizarre that a company doesn't offer support for its own old formats - but then, the new Excel (2007) won't read old Excel files either. What a farce!

My search took me then to Gnumeric click here which held out the promise of opening 1-2-3 files, but it completely destroyed them, maybe I was missing something!

My partner's IT department has eventually (this afternoon) discovered an option that works well (so, double-clicking a WK4 file opens it complete and whole in Excel 2007). I will be talking to them tomorrow and will report back, this must be useful to others out there.

  golferguy 22:54 05 Jul 2011

BatchConverter.lwp is AALL you need, works perfect.

Don't need to buy ABC Amber or anything else. right click BatchConverter.lwp

After saving, when you click it to open, it is ready in Wordpro. Read the documentation.

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