Convert internal hdd to external ? - again.

  greybeard 21:51 21 Dec 2006

I can see that there are many configs for different types of hdd caddies, but I'm not sure which is suitable for my hdd.
It's an IBM Travelstar 48gb model IC25T048ATD05 5400rpm ATA/IDE, 2.5", and is 12.5mm thick.
It's got a single connector, with 44 pins(one missing in the middle) then a space, then 4 more.
There's no separate power socket, and it reminds me of a miniature SCSI, but that may be just a coincidence.

I'm afraid I need a bit more advice on cabling and caddy types after my previous thread.
I'd be only using it to act as a temporary backup store so there would be no great power drain at other times, so usb would be ok. However,the only caddies that I've seen illustrated just show a usb cable externally, and don't show if this particular hdd will fit the internal socket.

  Ashrich 22:06 21 Dec 2006

That's fine , normal pins for an IBM/Hitachi laptop drive , should fit without problems .


  Ashrich 22:09 21 Dec 2006

Meant to say that the 4 separate pins are for jumpers ...none for master , right vertical for slave , top horizontal for Csel .


  greybeard 22:25 21 Dec 2006

Hi Ashley, do you mean that it would fit any of the usb type caddies that are currently being advertised on ebay ?
I pressume the jumper set up is done inside the caddy ?

  greybeard 22:29 21 Dec 2006

I should also have said that I pressume there is a chip inside the caddy converting the parallel data lines to a serial. Is this how it works?
Forgive the ignorance - this is a new area for me !

  woodchip 23:13 21 Dec 2006

just buy a Laptop Caddy, remove the Drive clip that is for the Laptop it's not needed and will stop you connecting it. they just connect to USB. no jumpers to set like on a 3.5 ins drive and does not need a power supply it all comes down the USB

  woodchip 23:14 21 Dec 2006

PS I got one for £5 same drive but with the hitachi name from a computer fair

  greybeard 13:55 22 Dec 2006

Quote <just buy a Laptop Caddy, remove the Drive clip that is for the Laptop it's not needed and will stop you connecting it. they just connect to USB.>
You don't say in your post anything about the connector. If its got the socket in the back of the case, and was an internal device, how do I then connect it to the usb socket ?
The "caddies" that I've looked at come from simple metal clips, the type you say remove I guess, to proper cases complete with cable(s).
I've just questioned one supplier who replied that his caddy is only for "slimline", presumably a 9mm thick hdd.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:37 22 Dec 2006

You need and external drive case click here

laptop caddies are really just adaptors to connect a standrd drive to the partcular make of laptop.

external drive cases are sometimess refere to as caddies (confusing isn't it).

  Pamy 15:14 22 Dec 2006

No nead even for a caddy, click here

  jack 15:42 22 Dec 2006

Don't worry about the technology John
Set the jumper to master for a start as it is a standalone item not part of the main set up.
If you get a zilch result set it to cable select.
Then connectors are standard just play around nothing is going to break.

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