Convert FAT32 to NTFS (This One Please)

  DJ-Garry 02:38 19 Mar 2004

I have a version of XP pro that will not start in DOS so I can only use it to upgrade from Win98 to XP. This I successfuly did about a month ago but have tried and then uninstalled so many different programs that that the system has become unstable (too mant things to mention). I have a second 120Gb hard drive so did the same again, looking to start again having now found out which are the best programs I need on my system. Also the second drive is ATA133 so I'm hoping should run a little faster. (Now the question). When I did the upgrade the first time, I was asked if I wanted to upgrade the file system to NTFS, to which I answered yes. The second time, I was not asked so now have XP running on FAT32. Does anyone know how to change the file system AFTER the upgade. I have not loaded any programs on the system yet, just a nice clean XP upgrade install. If possible a freeware program as I'm on a tight buget after paying for the XP disk. Thanks very much, Garry.

If you can't post your advise to the site, could you please email me direct to:
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Thanks, Garry.

  The Spires 09:44 19 Mar 2004

To change from FAT 32 to NTFS for more stability and security, open the command prompt (In the start menu) and type: "Convert C: /FS:NTFS". Make sure there is a space between the C: and the foward slash (/). Once you press enter it will ask you for confirmation and press Y. Then press Y and enter once more to reboot. You will need to defrag afterward, it will take while the first time you do it.

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