convert cda to wma -any ad-free free download?

  Trikie 23:23 29 Sep 2005

Heading says it all. I've spent a lot of time searching and wonder if anyone already knows.


  Stuartli 23:34 29 Sep 2005

If you are looking to convert audio CDs to WMA or MP3 you can do it in Windows Media Player 10 from the Rip tab.

  Trikie 23:43 29 Sep 2005

Thanks Stuartli, I'll do that in future. However I've got on hard disk some tracks I copied from a CD I no longer have (lent out and not returned)that are in cda and Windows Media Player, Nero, Winamp and RealPlayer all don't recognise it, hence the need to convert.

  Stuartli 23:50 29 Sep 2005

CDA files are pointers to locations of individual tracks on the CD medium in Windows Explorer or other file managers.

  Trikie 00:56 30 Sep 2005

Thats lost me. I'm on XP Home and have got some files in the folder "My Music" All except one are wma Are thjese files automatically recognised by Windows Media Player?

At present I haven't got a mental overview of the audo set-up - a summary in baby language would be very useful (Idiots Guide ?)

  Skills 01:46 30 Sep 2005

I think Stuartli means that the files you have on your pc are not actually the tracks themselves but shortcuts to the locations on the cds.

  GaT7 01:53 30 Sep 2005

You need to rip CDs - just copying the files of the CD to your hard disk - as you seem to have done - won't do. This is OK with data CDs, but audio CDs need to be ripped. G

  Stuartli 23:25 01 Oct 2005

I should really have also pointed out that you can alter WMP's Rip configuration from WMP's Tools>Options>Rip Music tab....:-)

You will also need to go to the Device tab in the same menu and ensure, if you use WMP to rip, that in your drive's Properties>Recording that Enable CD Recordings with this Device is checked.

  Trikie 00:55 02 Oct 2005

Thanks everyone. That answers my particular problem - can anyone recommend a book or website that gives a clear explanation of all things audio, starting from nil knowledge level?

  Stuartli 09:19 02 Oct 2005

You could start here:

click here

Several parts.

Also help on various audio formats and using rewriters to store or convert music for CD-R media:

click here

  Stuartli 09:22 02 Oct 2005

Information on Ripping:

click here

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