conversion of mp3 to normal format & vice versa.

  7 15:40 06 Mar 2004

kindly let me know that how to convert mp3 to normal format and vice versa?

  paddyjack 15:46 06 Mar 2004

What do you mean by normal format?

If you want to compile a CD of music then the burning software will do all necessary work. All you need to do is arrange the play list.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:47 06 Mar 2004

Normal format? Do you mean a format that can be played on a regular CD player? If so, dbPowerAmp may well do it for you.

  7 16:10 06 Mar 2004

yes normal format is the normal cd which can run on normal cd player. i tried nero/roxy and real player but all of them r copying the files in MP3 format. i donot know whether i need to click something on eithr of software so that they copy in normal format or something else plz help ..

  Diodorus Siculus 16:12 06 Mar 2004

click here for dbPoweramp which will create audio CDs.

  paddyjack 16:39 06 Mar 2004

All the information you want here click here

  Jim Suter 16:42 06 Mar 2004

In Roxio don't copy your mp3 files as a Data project as that will just copy mp3 files to a CD as mp3 files. Select Audio CD as the project. Select your mp3 files, add them to the project and burn the disc. This will make your music CD normal and playable in a CD Player

  7 17:16 06 Mar 2004

i tried to use above software damp and convert the mp3 into wav and than write it on cd and tried to run it on my cd player but couldn't able to....plz help

  Confab 17:33 06 Mar 2004

Open Nero and at the top on Help click "use the Nero wizard" close Nero and reopen it again. Click compile new CD then hit next then click on Audio CD then next then finnish. Drag and drop your MP3's to the right hand pane. When you have all the ones you want click on burn.

  Confab 17:34 06 Mar 2004

sorry that should be drag from the right hand pane to the left.

  temp003 04:28 07 Mar 2004

Any CD burning software you have can do it for you, but the option is to create an AUDIO CD (and not data CD, as said above by quite a few).

You don't need to convert the mp3s to WAV or any other format beforehand. Just select the mp3s to be burnt and they will be decompressed by the software itself and burnt as tracks in audio cd format. Naturally you are limited to the 74 minutes capacity (or whatever your CDR capacity is).

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