Conversion to MP3

  drew1 22:57 14 Jul 2005

Does anyone know of a free programme to convert any type of music file to MP3, have just bought an MP3 player and can`t put music on as wrong format.

  Belatucadrus 23:02 14 Jul 2005
  Gizmo.mp3 23:06 14 Jul 2005

for some types of file.
I used it to convert all my WMAs a while ago

  JellyBelly 01:39 15 Jul 2005

Try this, great programe, and its free.

  JellyBelly 01:42 15 Jul 2005

Message should have read.
Try this, great programe, and its free.

  SparkyMarky 03:44 15 Jul 2005

DBPowerAmp is free and brilliant - you need to download an extra (free) set of codecs for converting to/from wma files, but as it stands it does mp3/wav/CDs via a 'convert to' option on the right-click menu.


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