conversion to DVD software

  Dougie168 22:52 04 Sep 2006

I've got some home videos on my laptop that I currently play using RealPlayer, but I want to convert it and put it on a DVD. I've been looking on the internet for some free software that'll allow me to do this but no such luck so far. Can anyone recommend any for me please? Thanks in advance.

  skidzy 23:04 04 Sep 2006

Does this help click here

  Mark McC 23:37 04 Sep 2006

this does the trick along with hunners of other video formats !!! and their have no limitations
i use both for converting videos for my mp4 player and they work a treat!! :)

this click here


click here

Hope i helped

  Mark McC 23:38 04 Sep 2006

let me know how u get on

  Dougie168 23:49 04 Sep 2006

Thanks guys! I'll try them both and I'll let you know how I get on - I'll need some time to mess around on them! :)

  Dougie168 14:07 06 Sep 2006

Thanks for the recommendations. But it doesn't seem to work for some of my other files. They're of type dvd-rmvb and seem to be unrecognised. I've even tried Nero and the files don't show when "show all supported types" is selected. Any tips? Thanks very much in advance.

  Chris-201875 17:43 06 Sep 2006

I use Unlead videostudio this is brilliant, it saves it to wherever you want.

  Dougie168 13:21 08 Sep 2006

the format of my videos is rmvb and i'm having trouble so far finding one that converts it to DVD for free with no limitations (i.e. watermarks, or converts only 50% of it). Can anyone recommend any please? Thanks.

  terryf 13:25 08 Sep 2006

do a google for rmvb

  Dougie168 13:27 08 Sep 2006

Thanks. I tried it but so far the ones I chose have got the limitations I recently listed. But I'm still going through google - may have some luck and finally pick one thats right for me!

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