Controlling a PC remotely

  ZCochrane 19:37 16 Mar 2009

I often give presentations using a laptop and a projector. What I usually do is not control the laptop directly, but connect to it via a remote desktop utility (like Teamviewer or RealVNC) from my desktop computer, so that I can sit at my desk while giving the presentation. The problem is that when I want to display videos, a significant effect of page tearing occurs.

Now, since I don't need to see the desktop of my laptop (becuse I see it projected on the screen), all I need is the ability to send remote keyboard and mouse commands from my desktop computer to my laptop. Is there a program that will allow me to remote control my laptop without having to display its desktop on the remote computer?

Thanks for any help.

  recap 20:27 16 Mar 2009

Would Remote Desktop do what you are requiring ZCochrane?

In XP, Start/Help & Support/Ask for Assistance/Remote Assistance

  ZCochrane 20:37 16 Mar 2009

Wouldn't the Remote Desktop service display the laptop's desktop on the remote computer as well? Like Teamviewer or RealVNC? The problem is that the video stream gets doubled (in order to send one to the projector and the other one to the remote desktop), and while the quality of the video on the remote desktop is scaled down (and is irrelevant anyway, since I'm the only one watching the remote desktop), the video stream on the local monitor (ie. the projector) suffers greatly of page tearing. And that's what everyone attending the presentation is watching.

What I'm looking for is a program that will allow me to send remote mouse and keyboard events from a remote computer without splitting the video stream. Because I really don't need to see the local desktop (the laptop's) on the remote computer, 'cos I'm looking at it being projected on the other side of the room.

  Taff™ 07:27 17 Mar 2009

I bought a wireless keyboard and mouse for this purpose which works at a distance of 8-10 metres. (Check before you buy because the cheaper one`s will only work at a 2 metre range) The model is no longer available but you should look for one that has media control buttons.

Additionally I use a wireless Targus presentation remote which allows you to click through Powerpoint presentations and at the flick of a switch control the mouse. It also has a built in infra red light. Similar to this click here

  ZCochrane 08:56 17 Mar 2009

Ah, thank you Taff, but I'm afraid that's not an option... it's one of those big conference rooms, auditorium style. There's no way any wireless mice or keyboards will ever reach the laptop from my desk...

But thanks for trying!

  crosstrainer 09:27 17 Mar 2009

Laplink anywhere:

click here

Any good?

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